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Guilting, Grappling and Grateful for Baseball analogies

Yes I’ve been feeling guilty and grappling with things and yes, of course, always grateful for baseball analogies.


I feel guilty because I fully understand the extreme privilege of being a white girl in North Albany, fighting to keep a yoga studio open, while people all over the world are fighting to breathe. The irony does not escape me.

I also know from my practice, that where I focus my energy and attention is what matters most. I can spiral down the rabbit hole of CNN or I can set my sights on the ball and swing for the fences. 

So I practice and teach for my self, our team and all of you in the stands cheering us on and supporting each otherIt’s like this is our 7th inning stretch.

Being human however, it feels like we’ve been ‘left on base’, these past few weeks. And as many of you are likely doing… especially my small business owner friends… I’m also staring up at the stars wondering what’s happening and where we go from here. (Well, except for those of you watching tiger king. I can’t. even. )

I’ll tell you where we go from here… Online. (The Big Leagues)

But I’ve been Grappling with the tech world… and I’m super tech savvy. I had my own poetry blog before blogging was cool. Seriously like 12 years ago. But this A/V stuff has driven me bat sh#% crazy (too soon?)

As some of you know we’ve been teaching our usual lineup online, daily at 9:30am via FB Live. We will continue with this but we have also created an online video library with over 12 classes so far, two guided meditations and a Soul Compass workshop coming soon!  This way you can watch the replay and do double headers anytime you like!

(barring any tech trouble, launching it tomorrow)

I am incredibly grateful that going online is even an option for Love Yoga. Among the many other things I am also extremely grateful for: like everyone staying inside, having a backyard, my family, my friends, our teachers, my phone, my sleep, not needing deodorant! And so much more. I remind myself of all these things every single day.

It’s been extra innings of emotions for many of us. It took me almost the full two weeks since we closed to really find my balance. And I realized that I didn’t come THIS far, to only come this far. And If I’m goin’ out, I’m goin’ out swinging. But luckily you’re in no danger.  ; )
Cause, you know… 6 feet………

All this to say…. The guilt has driven me to up my game, the grasping gave me new tech skills and the Gratitude once again highlights all the blessings I might have been taking for granted. (Hugging anyone?)

I may not like the game but this is what I practice for. The base hits, the pop fly’s, the ground balls, the bunts…

The practice prepares you for the game.  I have what it takes to get through this. And so do you. 


Link to our Online Studio coming tomorrow. Thank you for being here… just… Thank YOU. Much Love to you all,


p.s. Tomorrow night’s email will be just links and directions for all our pass options, including your current pass and what we’re doing for you with those.

Studio Closing #helpflattenthecurve

Studio Closing until April 1st

For now, it’s two weeks. We hope. It could be longer depending on how the next couple weeks unfold. But closing and knowing for sure that we aren’t exposing anyone to anything, feels right.

If you just recently bought a pass with us… we will honor this and reactivate you once we get back into the studio.
Nobody will lose their classes and no pass will expire.

As a human, I’m not too worried. I know the risks and I like my odds. As a business owner, however, this is scary. My back up plan was to be a rapper. #spittinrhymes ; ) But concerts are out too, so that will have to wait.

1. Use your current pass for online classes – see how below
2. Buy a new online trial pass for $48 for online classes – see how below
3. Join the private Facebook group for Live streaming classes
4. Use our Video library once we get them online (coming soon).

I’m going live tomorrow at 9:30am in the new Love Yoga Members Facebook Group


1.  If you have a current Love Yoga class pass or membership, you can join the group and have access to live classes and recordings. Go to the FB Group here to request access. 

2. If you don’t have a pass, you can get an online pass / membership pass for $48 here on MindBodyOnline.  (Discount applies at checkout).  Once you have your pass, go to the FB Group to request access.
(Our regular monthly passes are $88 and $99/mo, so this is half off for March and April if you don’t have a current pass).

3. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one for free to join this group and delete it when all this is over. (see more on this below).

4. I’m still working on getting a video library up for you for now and future use.

I know some of you don’t want a facebook account and here’s what I want you to realize. I, 100% guarantee that I don’t want to be on a live video – more than you don’t want to be on Facebook. But this is the sacrifice I’m willing to make. You can always delete it later! ; )

This FB group will include all our Love Yogi friends, teachers and teachers in training. So you’ll have access to everyone all at once. I think it will be a fun place to connect us all. You can ask Yats for the truffle recipe. You can ask Evan for personal training tips. You’ll get audio versions of my guided meditation class. And we’ll post short video sequences you can use on your own.

This could be a really cool online space. I’m now wondering why we haven’t done this before……

And To be completely honest… right this minute, tonight, it feels very heavy and very empty to do this. All my studio owner friends around the world are closing too. I feel worse for them because many of them don’t have… YOU. Our LoveStrong peeps.

So many of you have written, messaged, texted and called to offer support and encouragement.

You all asked how you could help…. this is it. Please Join the FB Group and join us for online classes.

I know by tomorrow morning at 9:30am with my sunny disposition and a half hour of rapping beforehand… I’m gonna be out of this funk and back in the groove. I hope you’re there too!

Love you all,
: )

How well do you know yourself?

No this is not Leif Garret from Seventeen Magazine 40 years ago. It’s ME. Approximately age 12 I think. How well did I know myself then? I knew I loved to take pictures, tell jokes, write poems, read and ride bikes. I loved tostadas but wouldn’t eat pizza, cake or chinese food. I had a parakeet named Buddy and a unicycle. Neither of those lasted all that long. After our grandma and our dog died, I used to wonder if the entire universe was a game and it was constructed to see if I could play it right. I know… deep. But now I’m starting to think I was on to something. Maybe more on that later.

But how well do I know myself NOW? And you? These are some sample questions we contemplate in the guided meditation class. (tonight 5:30pm). But also questions I’ve encountered over the years of self discovery that led me to where I am today. Yoga’ing with all of you! : )

Here’s your quiz: 

1. What is fun/enjoyable/satisfying for you?
2. Why are you here?
3. What pisses you off? (limit 3)
4. When do you feel most at peace in your heart?
5. What makes you smile immediately.
6. If everyone you know was doing what they wanted to do in life, what would you be doing? (and what small steps can you take in that direction?)

I enjoy driving, I’m here to try new things, excuses piss me off, even my own. I’m at peace when I practice. Completely. The ocean makes me smile immediately as long as I’m not in it. And number 6. I answer that different every time.

On a more serious note . . . 

Today, around the world, we’re collectively asking ourselves, should we leave the house, go to work, go to school, go to yoga? Should we share space, share meals, shake hands… or worse… HUG! ; )  What’s happening around us? Who’s closing, cancelling or rescheduling? Should we still order from Amazon, go out to eat or go to the store?

As a small business in a local community, I feel strongly that our risk here at the studio is low but of course we are taking extra precautions. Extra cleanings, limited props and limiting class capacity in order to provide you a 3 foot personal bubble.  I say personal bubble because we usually joke about those being luxurious.

We truly want you to have somewhere safe to practice and connect, so that you don’t isolate yourself from this big, beautiful, mostly safe, world.

And so you know… We have ALWAYS disinfected the studio on a regular basis. (not just the floors. The towels, the mats, the door handles, the bathrooms, the hallway, the front desk and more). We do it even more now so that it makes you more comfortable here.

You can help by keeping your body and mind relaxed and healthy… and wiping down anything you use. You could also bring your own mat, wear your socks and skip using the props for a while.

We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe and sound… and help you find the peace of mind that will keep you that way. IF you do happen to feel under the weather… please continue to practice on your own at home. IF you’d like us to send you some sequences, videos or guided meditations to help, let us know. We’re here for you.

I’ll leave you with this contemplation about any confusing situation.

Ask yourself, when and where do I feel the most at peace in my heart?
Go there. Feel into that deeply and you’ll have your own answers. 


Leif Garret circa 1980

Spring 2020 Hikes/Workshops/Weekly schedule

We appreciate all of you so very much!
We are currently planning our next few hikes and our workshops for the next few months!


Next Workshops:

March 3rd.  Yoga/Breathing for Anxiety with Suzanne 3/10 @ 7pm
March 21st.  Crow Workshop with Erin Yatsui 3/21 @ 11am

Next LoveStrong Hikes:
Subject to change due to weather or better options.
Get the latest updates through our email list or the FB Group: LoveStrong Adventures

March 22nd to Shellburg Falls. Leaving the studio at 8am.
April 12th HorseRock Trail
May 31st Blue Pool



School Lockdowns and Farm Fresh Foods

I didn’t really understand about lockouts until yesterday.

One of our teachers in training, Justine, recently told me that they had a lockout…? lockdown? At her elementary school. You know, where they lock down the school to lock out any danger. I didn’t realize we had those here.

What she realized after it was over was that it didn’t impact her as much as it did the first time she experienced it.

I know, it’s desensitization. Do the thing you fear enough and it will be less frightening. But SHE has the where-with-all to recognize this.

Do our kids? Mine does.

Because he’s been listening to me blather on for years about things like:

Breathe slower. Let it go.
Stand up for yourself.
Try Meditation. Get more Sleep.
Clothes IN the laundry basket
Drink more water.
Answer me when I text you. Even a simple emoji will do!
Figure out what you Love/do more of that.
If you need me. Call.

This is why when he dislocated his shoulder at 17 on Mt. Hood… the paramedics said he was ‘one tough kid’. He, himself, thanked me when he got home… for teaching him to breathe. I love to tell that story in more dramatic fashion. Brings tears to my eyes every time. But today it’s not about him. It’s about our collective response to stress.

Do you know what your response is? Do you let it out? Tamp it down? Act like it didn’t happen? Cry your eyes out? Freak out and exaggerate? What’s your style? I almost swallowed a bug the other night and realized my response isn’t always on point!

But, do you know what your child’s response is?

And most of all, do you know what it does to their nervous system when it goes unaddressed? For years? Yep. Anxiety. Depression. Chaos. Illness.

Aaannnnddd… the antidote?

Breathing. Moving. Talking. Connecting.
Which brings… you guessed it: Calm. Courage. Clarity, Compassion.

Wherever your stress comes from, it has a plan. To help you survive.
And whether it’s a huge loss or a simple disappointment, Our practice helps.
It is a proven antidote for stress.

We practice until what we practice, becomes the ‘Norm’. ; )

Would you like your stress response to be more like Justine’s? She’s practiced enough lockouts that now she doesn’t react. She responds calmly and clearly – which is the response we need more of.

The way we respond matters to those around us. Another local example: One of our guests told me yesterday that when she comes to yoga, it gives her the strength and clarity to do what she does for our community. She feeds it. She grows farm fresh food for all of us. So ‘Practicing’ actually nourishes our community. How sweet is that?! That also brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Cynthia for the thoughtful encouragement.


** If you want to practice… hit reply and tell me what’s holding you back.
Maybe I can help, no pressure, I promise.

** If you want to come to our next Yoga/Anxiety talk in March and find out how exactly we can help… hit reply and ask.

Don’t let stress wear you down. It’s actually designed to save you. If you let it.

Much Love,
: )

Private sessions are available by appointment in person, workshops at your school, work or other space, plus guided meditations via zoom/phone. And my Group class is on Thursday nights at 5:30pm. The easiest way to eliminate anxiety is to learn cell-deep relaxation. Get good at it through practice. Hit reply to get more info.

Thanks for being part of the LoveStrong Community!

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Share the Love Feb. Challenge


Valentine gifts aside… if the whole world is focusing on Love this month, we wanted to participate in a way that encourages us all to feel amazing. So mostly, we just want YOU to feel good. Better, actually. Better than you ever have in your entire life.

Yes, I’m being slightly dramatic. But the truth is… I do feel better than I ever have in my entire life. And it’s not because my life is easy*... it’s because I take better care of myself than ever before. And I’m not talking about just eating, exercise and meditation, although those are key.

I’m talking about making time for ourselves, doing enjoyable things on a regular basis that make you feel good about yourself, for yourself, just because. Plus there are great gifts involved. win/win/win. 

BUT . . .
I’m not here to tell you what you SHOULD do. I just have some ideas you might enjoy. Things to help us all remember to do more of those things we enjoy, with the people we enjoy, just because. And when you get right down to it… if you take good care of your self… you’ll be strong enough to be there for others when it matters most.

You’ve heard the saying… ‘don’t set yourself on fire just to keep someone else warm?‘. It’s easy to do when we lose track of ourselves. Here’s a few ways to stay on track, take care of ourselves, Share the Love with others and win super cool gifts. (Did I mention the great gifts? There’s a night at the Inn at Nye Beach in our grand prize gift basket!)

*side note: My life is actually kinda easy. Because I don’t have toddlers at home! The other day I babysat a sick toddler for a friend and by sick I don’t mean super dope and cool…although she is…  I mean tired, feverish and snotty. She sneezed directly on me numerous times and those of you who know me…. know I don’t think that’s funny. ; )  So after a few hours, on my way home I realized… yes my life IS easy, compared to that! My son is 26… he might be more expensive now but not nearly as exhausting ; )

How to play/participate/win?
1. Come to Class = get a stamp!
2. Practices from the post card = get a stamp!
3. Share free class passes for the drawing!

(Be sure to write your name in the white space on the free class cards – see below. When they come back, you’ll be entered for more chances to win!)

Win Truffles! Win Eye Pillows! Win the Gift Basket!


If you can’t make it to yoga often enough for a membership, you can still  treat yourself this month!
Buy an 8 or 16 class pass and get  soothing, custom, hand crafted eye pillow These come in especially handy during restorative, yin, gentle yoga and meditation.  *(Only avilable with the 8 cp or 16 cp)


Something’s been on my last nerve

Hey, I’ve missed writing to you… but I don’t like to write unless I have a clear and helpful reason to write. I mean, I could have just dropped you a line to tell you I miss you… but our MindBody system does that for us. And while it’s true… we do miss you and want to hear back from you about how we could help… THOSE emails are intended to simply remind you that we’re here for you. 

THESE emails/posts however, are ME talking to YOU because something mattered enough to me to set aside my tea and avocado toast and bust it out. 

It’s possible that you might not hear from me for a while again though because I just discovered a new website that will basically make me a scientist/anatomist/PHD of the human body. If you’re an anatomy nerd like myself… or maybe you’d like a simple understanding of your body, you’re going to be completely captivated by this site!

There are 3D graphics of everything. It’s primarily for understanding dis-ease, but I’m using it to locate the vagus nerve, the SI Joint, Carpal Tunnel, ACLs and all the other things that we like to be keenly aware of when helping people flow through their bodies intelligently.

Above is a diagram I snipped to show you the vagus nerve. But you can also see it from all angles and highlights in this program. Many of you know how obsessed I am with this nerve. When people say that they’re on their LAST nerve, this is literally the ONE! And when people don’t understand how a simple yoga practice can help them feel substantially better, THAT gets on my last nerve! 

OVERSIMPLIFIED, The vagus nerve is the 10th and longest cranial nerve and connects to some of our organs (one being the heart) and interacts with our parasympathetic system.(the calm side of your nervous system). It’s the EPITOME of why Yoga helps. When we breathe and move, it tells our body to chill out. It actually responds to our thoughts, actions and exhales directly. It’s magic, I tell ya, straight up anatomical magic. and science.


I’ll be back later once I come up for air to tell you about our upcoming FEBRUARY ‘Share the LOVE’ Challenge. You’re going to love this one, because some of you are going to get a FREE month of yoga and it could easily be YOU! 

Much Love, 

: )


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Wishes, gifts and a little bit of magic

What do you see when you close your eyes?

Do you see color? Actual images? Darkness? Stars? Did you know that not everyone can see color or images? However, with a little practice, relaxation and imagination through Guided Meditation, images and insight start to take shape. What arises from this kind of contemplation, is NOT an insight or instruction from me or anyone else.

What arises is a feeling, a sense, an image, a message from the deepest parts of your heart and soul.  That’s your own inner wisdom. 

You don’t need more people telling you how to eat or what to do with your life. Sure, maybe some people can help along the way. Maybe they can share nutritional/business/nature/parenting related techniques that worked for them.

But when you get an insight from deep inside, an idea that lights you up, nobody needs to tell you that it’s right. For you. You just gotta go inside and listen. 

How will you know? You’ll feel it. You’ll get that undeniable feeling that something just blew your mind, melted your heart, lit up your brain or set your soul on fire. Dramatic? Sure. But it’s your life we’re talking about here. 

Try it tonight. Thursdays at 5:30pm, Your first one’s free!

One of my first mind blowing epiphanies birthed a little project we call LoveStrong Adventures. The name and idea came to me simultaneously in a guided meditation. It all fell into place from there.

This practice has captivated me. I almost always come out of these sessions with something incredibly useful. I’m not saying I get a cure, or a million dollar idea or a perfect life from this. I get something better… Clarity. 

If you’ve had experiences you’re willing to share in these Thursday night sessions, please let me know.  I’m genuinely curious and fascinated and it helps me in creating future sessions.

Tonight’s session is designed to
release 2019 and embrace 2020. 


A very successful business leader suggested I close my eyes and imagine for a moment that I have a magic wand and can instantly and easily have whatever I’d like. Just one thing at a time, but I can do this every week. You try it. Take a breath, close your eyes, relax and imagine… you have a magic wand.  What’s your wish?

The idea behind the wish of course is focus. Which brings me back to our vision. Your Reticular Activation System searches for the things you focus on. Your wishes. And when you’re brain is on the lookout it often finds what it’s looking for. Sooo…. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Your mind will find it.

Talk to me… really. Tell me what you wished for.
Tell me about your experience with the Guided Meditation class so far.
Email me:

Much Love, 

: )

p.s. 6 spots left for the Solstice Express. Get your seat here!

p.p.s. Teacher Training 2020 is full so we’ve opened up two spots and a wait list. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. We have started a little bit of prep work  but won’t begin the live training til January.

Yoga at the intersection of Poetry and Physiology

“Breathe then, as if breathing for the first time, 
as if remembering with what difficulty you came into the world, what strength it took to make that first impossible in-breath, into a cry to be heard by the world”. … Author, David Whyte

I’ve been to many trainings for alignment, anatomy, sequencing, joint mobility, spirituality, breathing, business management, meditation, writing, philosophy, and more. This weekend, it was poetry. The Courage in Poetry and Promises with David Whyte. But everything I do is ultimately about yoga. Even Poetry. (side note: I wrote my first poem in the 5th grade… it was about Halloween). More on that another time.

So, I spent the weekend listening to David talk about courage and connection as he reminded us of that beautiful first impossible in-breath that is a cry to be heard by the world’. It’s the very first thing you ever do, how could it not be the most important. #breathingmatters

Poetry and Physiology are intricately connected in that words affect everything about us from the way we talk to ourselves to the way we hear others speak. Powerful phrases ignite a chemical/emotional reaction within ourselves and others. (when you hear things like, ‘You’re overreacting, or I Love You’.) Feel the difference? We use words that matter in yoga also. (when you hear things like, ‘You got this, or Be kind to yourself, or Thank you for being here).  #wordsmatter

(Which by the way, I’m thinking of replacing ‘Namaste’ with ‘I love you’ at the end of classes… don’t make it awkward ; )

A Poet draws words out of the stillness and into the heart. A Yogi draws stillness out of the heart and into the mind. One word at a time. One exhale at a time.
#WordsMatter. #BreathingMatters.

It matters HOW we breathe and WHAT we say to ourselves and others. Because together, words and breathing can change us.

Start with these three concepts:

1. Mostly Breathe through your nose (google nasal breathing, or The Oxygen Advantage)
2. Breathe deeply and Exhale fully…. when it occurs to you. (The relaxation response)
3. Write and Speak mostly to create optimism, your words have power. (Optimism is soothing for your nervous system)

  “We are all a sun-lit moment come from a long darkness, what moves us always comes from what is hidden, what seems to be said so suddenly has lived in the body for a long, long time.”

So we move and breathe to release what’s hidden. 

As moving as it was… I’m also now a bit of a Groupie. David spoke to me twice and signed my book. First, when he signed it, he said I must be a friend of Leonard Cohen. (He has a song called Suzanne). The second time, it was to tell me I was heading through the wrong door… into breakfast with the homeless instead of his talk. So it’s official. I’m a fan. 

Here’s what we’re doing this week at Love: 

This Wednesday, 12/18, Power Yoga Flow and Trivia for Tee Shirts! 6pm. 
This Saturday, 12/21, LoveStrong hike to Fitton Green.
Leaving Love at 10:15. As always, we’ll caravan, carpool or meet you there!
This Sunday 12/22, Solar Express Solstice Celebration. 10 seats left on this trip. We’ll have a gentle flow, a guided meditation, a new year intention, truffles, treats and drinks. It’s a celebration of the coming season, longer days and brighter light.
RSVP here to get your ticket!

See you on the mats!

I really do Love everything about this place and all of you. 

Thank you for being here with all of us. 


9 ways we hope to lower holiday stress

How are you doing with the holidays so far? Tell me… do you love them? Dread them? What do you love about them? What do you dread? I’m looking for ideas here. We have some below but I love hearing yours.

I don’t like saying it but it’s the reason behind the UnGrinching. I’ve mostly dreaded them in the past. Obviously I’m mocking myself a little but these UnGrinching shenanigans have led to the creation of the LoveStrong Hikes, the Grinch Cards, The Solstice Express and the Gnomes. So it’s feeling more lighthearted every year. By next year I’ll have you all singing Jingle Bells around the neighborhood with me!

Here’s the dates and details of what’s coming up next if you’re still feeling Grinchy.

1. Free Jade Yoga Mat w/ a new 6-12 month membership!
Consistency matters. Consistent practice is scientifically proven to lower stress. It’s Simple! If you haven’t tried it yet, we’ll help you get started with a brand new mat! Sign up for the 6 mo. or the 12 mo. membership during December… while supplies last.
2. The Gnome Explosion Contest
Pick up your Gnome Explosion Card and start collecting stamps for the December drawing. The more stamps, the more chances to win our fabulous Holiday Gift Basket. Ask anyone, all our gift baskets have been fabulous this year! It’s worth it! Drawing Dec. 24th.

3,4,5 & 6
Sundays in December @ 9:30am.
Karma Class for Connor and a Cure for CF. 

We want everyone to be able to practice. Every Sunday we hold a donation class. Pay what you can. Make any donation of your choice. We know many of you are members and all your classes are included. But this is an opportunity to support a class that everyone can attend and this month you’ll be supporting something more! Sarah Tierce, one of our own yogis and her little guy Connor lead the team, Connor’s Convoy to cure Cystic Fibrosis. All donations go directly to their team. Thank you for all your continued support of this class. It means a lot to all of us.

7. December 21st -31st
Holiday guest passes! 5$ Guest passes for your out of town guests for 10 festive days!

8. December 21st 10:15am LoveStrong Hike #GetOutsidewithLove! Right after the 9am basics class. Join us and carpool, caravan or meet us at Fitton Green just West of Corvallis. Email tana@loveyogastudios.comfor questions and exact logistics.

9. December 22nd 6:00pm – 7:30pm The Solar Express Winter Solstice Celebration.
Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation and Intention. This is a 3 part class followed by treats, warm drinks and an opportunity to celebrate together, the upcoming brighter, longer days and Wintery wonderment. $15 tickets. All seats need to be reserved ahead of time, no drop ins. All Aboard!

Class Reminders:
December 24th 9:30am flow, no evening classes
December 25th, no classes.
December 31st, 9:30am flow, no evening
January 1st, 9:30am flow, 10:45am LoveStrong Hike