One last Breath -(ing email)


Hello and Happy Monday!

We are THREE short weeks away from springing the clocks forward again! That’s right March 14th is right around the corner and then we’ll have all that evening daylight to get outside! I spent this past weekend in yoga training… moving, breathing, talking and meditating.  And speaking of nasal breathing… this will be my last email about it for a while! (Next Month we’ll be talking about something just as powerful!)

Soooooo, have you tried the Nasal Breathing yet?  If you start googling this you will find SO many benefits from just a few short minutes of practicing each day.

Things like:

  • reduced exposure to foreign substances.
  • increase air flow to arteries, veins, and nerves.
  • increase oxygen uptake and circulation.
  • slow down breathing and lower blood pressure
  • improve lung volume.
  • help your diaphragm work properly.
  • Better SLEEP
  • Less SnoringEverything about this is a magical miracle for your body and your mind! Why Wouldn’t you try it!We spent a lot of time nasal breathing this weekend, and then I slept 9 hours last night. I feel unstoppable today so I’m working on the schedule, the memberships and the MindBody system for re-opening. We were hoping to open March 1st – we’re just waiting for Benton county to be allowed more than 6 people in the studio. Hoping for a positive press release this Friday!WHEN we DO open, we will also be carrying Vital Proteins Waters at the studio if you’re into those delightfully refreshing waters and we’re planning our next LoveStrong Hikes and a LoveStrong Adventure Retreat for early Summer! (And by adventure you know I mean extreme relaxing, wandering/walking/hiking and meditating in nature!)

    Please let me know if I can help in anyway with any of our ONLINE classes. We’re still going strong in the virtual world, filming classes every single day for you all.

    And not to brag but we’ve gotten even better over the past year. We have so much variety in there: Classes for back pain, core strength, chair yoga, a Groovy FLO45 with tunes, a few short classes and some guided meditations.

    We WILL see you soon,

    Much Love,



  • Additional Resources/books/websitesBreathe, James Nestor
    The Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown
    Brian Mackenzie, Extreme Athlete Breath Training