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Soul Compass Workshop & Your Inner Voice

Can you hear your inner voice?

Mine loves profanity. Oh wait that might be my outer voice ‍♀️

Let’s talk about the Soul Compass Workshop next Sunday.

Because I will take you on a Journey to your Soul.

I know that sounds a little dramatic… but going within and listening to your soul… is a powerful experience!

You will learn a lot about yourself.

You’ll be able to hear your inner voice more clearly.

You’ll learn when to listen to it and when to shut it down.

It can be confusing at first.

But with a little guidance, a little stillness and a few strategically placed questions… you can tap into your unique inner wisdom.

You’ll uncover how to light up your own path, follow your heart, go with your gut, trust your self.

I’m going to go out a bit further on this limb and say that THIS is your compass, the personal manual we wish we’d been given at birth.

A trail map to your soul.

(And if you’re a bit skeptical about communicating with your soul… let me assure you… first you’re already doing it… find out how. And second, you’ll see it’s actually quite practical. At the very least you’ll walk away with a heart felt enthusiasm for 2024 and a fabulous lunch. )

Workshop includes the morning class at 9:30am.

What the Flood? Do What you Love

What the flood is going on? I know… it’s a lot of rain right now. Hang in there.

(Scroll down for the Upcoming Season Events and our 2024 Fresh Start Challenge!)

If you’re reading this I’ll assume you’re familiar with the PNW and probably know someone that struggles with the winter gloom.

I know the cure. (Humor me?)

Do more things you Love.

Wait… Hear me out!

I know… it’s toooooo cliche.

But have you ever really made the effort to actually DO more things that make you feel good? Things you enjoy? Or even things that just feel satisfying?

We live in a world of ‘Big talk and little action’ especially with an entire internet full of ‘shoulds and platitudes’.

So I think it’s a fair question.

Do you actually do it??

Do you find the things that you enjoy, regardless of where you live or the weather… and do more of THOSE things?

Even if there aren’t very many… make yourself a list and you might be surprised at how many you find.

Ahem…. I’ll go first…..

Yoga /Hot yoga


Walking in the rain


Indoor climbing

Mall walking ‍♀️lol.

Paint the inside of the house

Claen out the garage… just me?

Perhaps Traveling


Quick road trips

High tide photographs


Winter s’mores (solo stove fans anyone?)

Live music – preferrably disco-ish

Rollerskating… wait, no, scratch that 

Or listen to any music

Jump rope  – new hobby

Catch up on sleep!

But try yoga first…

Seriously… here’s why?


Yoga helps you get into a state of flow which quiets your inner critic (the voice that constantly tells you, you could do better) and increases creativity…making everything more interesting.

So after yoga is a great time to make your winter activities list! 

You’ll be more curious, more creative, more wildly optimistic and have more fun.

Start with the Winter Solstice or The Soul Compass Workshop.

It’s your chance to gather, get out of the rain and focus on welcoming brighter days.

Now that’s something to look forward to!

I shared my list… send me something from yours? Please? If you send me something back, it tells me you read the email, thought about it, thought of something you love and will be more likely to do it. THAT is something I LOVE.

Finding… or Creating Joy

May your days be merry and bright!


Listen… I’ve had my share of Grinchy holidays and as some of you know… we’ve spent the last few years together… UNGrinching. And I think it’s working!

The holidays are loaded with complexities.

Whether you LOVE shopping, decorating and you jingle all the way to January 1st.

Or you’re missing someone you love, your families are split and there’s pressure to have plans and show up.

Well… this year, I’m jingling my way to January 1st with the best of them.

(Side note: I will never decorate the studio because I want that space to remain uncluttered and free of any distractions or deterrants to focusing on the practice). 

But I feel more peaceful and joyful heading into the holidays than ever.

Why? How? Well first… everything about life is better without my arm in a sling. So there’s that.

But then someone asked me if there was anything I did like about the holidays.

And there is! So I made a list.

I realized that I made a similar list just after my Dad passed. A list of all the things I could remember about him that made me happy. That list instantly changed me. It softened the grief and actually brought me genuine joy when I thought of him.

So I made a list of all the things I DO like about the holidays… and it changed me. I actually felt joyful when I focused on those things.

What were they?

The Sparkle. Not the Griswold-esque neighborhood lights.. but the delicate, shimmering, tiny lights in the windows of elegant gift shops.

The Songs. Holiday music is the ultimate in sing alongs. You might tire of it in the stores… but I love it in my home with the fireplace roaring, the dog snoring and me crooning Winter Wonderland. It’s cozy. And yes, I know it’s not 1948.

The Snowmen. I think snowmen and polar bears are adorable… and you see more of them now then any other time of the year.

Hmmm… focusing on things that bring me joy, make me smile and feel good.

Sounds like a good practice. How can I do more of that? Read on…

Now, I’m not saying I spend 100% of time in delusional holiday joy. Especially when I know others who are currently going through excruciating times.

Of course some stuff gets to me. Challenging things happen.

Of course I’ve cried myself to sleep with a box of snow covered oreos and a few vodka shots. (okay that was only the 2018 holidays).

But for the most part, I’ve gotten pretty good at talking myself into a better state of mind. At Uplifting myself. I look for silver linings and disco tunes… constantly.

We all have things that can bring us out of a funk… if we remember how our minds work.

So we created this year’s holiday challenge as a way to share what uplifts us and hopefully help uplift each other. I mean… what’s the alternative? More vodka?

So here’s our December challenge…. #30daysofjoy.

Do ONE thing every day. That’s it!

Feel free to use our ideas or your own. Consider sharing yours in our private FB Group or email them to us so we can share them. Or tell us in the studio.

You never know who YOU might inspire.

How yoga taught me to celebrate my life-in Maui

I had never experienced a true vacation for myself and certainly not a hassle free, do what I want, deeply relaxing, recharge my batteries, kind of vacation.

Yoga retreats are designed to do exactly that. So that you can travel solo and not be completely alone. (Someone always knows your coordinates ; )

The first one I ever went to on my own was in Santa Cruz, California.  And while there was a bit of yoga workshopping … the entire 5 days was so incredibly nourishing… I still can easily recall the freedom I felt.

The freedom to wander solo or eat with others. The freedom to sleep when I wanted to, walk as long as I wanted, to practice yoga or to simply sit by the fire. Pure Freedom.

It felt productive, while recharging myself, so I was able to enjoy it… Without ANY Guilt!

I want that for you too.

Because I believe it’s a feeling you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

It took me well into my 40s to realize that I had been working continuously my entire life… with very little opportunity for celebrating that.

Sure I buy myself nice things, (like golden retrievers and quality sushi). I go a few places now and then. But I never used to take any significant amount of time away from my current day-to-day, my family or my business to deeply nourish myself. Sabbatcial style.

I just never felt I had the time or money… and even if I thought I could swing it… it was a stretch that I would feel guilty about. Not to mention the hassle of trying to find just the right deal that didn’t feel like a huge indulgence, but also gave me a truly enjoyable experience.

That balance exists… at Lumeria in Maui.

I have created a yoga retreat that takes all the hassle out of planning a vacation with an absolute guarantee of quality food, time and experience.

Personally, I’m not interested in Vegas or Everest adventures. I’m not spending my hard earned 5 days off in extreme conditions or in service to others. And before you judge that last sentence too quickly… I throughly enjoy giving and doing for others.

But for this… we’re talking about FIVE days here … just for me.  (Well, You in this case).

Human beings need/crave rest and recharge so that we can dive back in with genuine enthusiasm to do the things we do and help others along the way.

And by rest and recharge… keep in mind that it doesn’t fully recharge you if it involves everyone else’s agenda, constant technological pinging and tight schedules.

This is your dream vacation. I personally guarantee it.

Contact us if you’d like to reserve your hammock in Maui at Lumeria. Feb. 25-Mar 1st., 2024.

Do you YIN or Do you Yang?

The tranquil, moonlit lullaby of existence.
The slow focus of a deeper, more meditative yoga practice.
The parasympathetic side of the nervous system.
The Exhale.

The cosmic caffeine kick of vivacious vitality.
The dynamic, energetically fueled vinyasa flow yoga practice.
The sympathetic side of the nervous system.
The Inhale.


We have both in our lives all the time:

Night and day, light and dark, winter and summer, fire and ice, happy and sad, introvert and extrovert, mind and body, UPS and DOWNS…

…to name a few.

And when we flow back and forth between them effortlessly…

We feel balanced.

This is why we practice yoga. 

We use breath, movement and focus to energize, to get warmed up and then to slow down, to relax, to restore.

To get better at flowing between the two… effortlessly.

Without Stress.

Without succumbing to the wild emotions of UPS and DOWNS. (like rocking the roller skates and then breaking an arm, or having a baby and then getting no sleep, or moving into a new home and then not loving your neighbors?)

We practice. Not to create balance… but to create FLOW…  which gives us a better sense of balance. 

Here at Love, we intend to create a more balanced flow of yin and yang this holiday seasons so we’ve add some yin style classes to our schedule on Sunday nights and I’ll be introducing more Yin concepts into Thursday nights.

Here’s the difference if you’re not sure….

Restorative yoga and Yin yoga both focus on relaxation, flexibility, and stress relief, but they have some key differences in their approach, postures, and goals.

Restorative yoga is all about deep relaxation and stress reduction. Including gentle, passive poses with the support of props like bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Think meditative naps.

Yin yoga also focuses on relaxation but involves a bit more effort. With longer held postures, usually 3-5 minutes, without the extensive use of props. The aim in Yin is to gently stretch and stress connective tissues, such as ligaments and fascia, to increase flexibility and joint mobility. Think meditative stretches.

Please ask if you have more questions and as always… if you try a class that doesn’t feel quite right to you… just head straight to savasana. Everyone will assume that you’re an advanced yogi deep in meditation. : )

Much Love,
: )

UPComing Classes:


Maui Retreat February 2024

Yoga Retreats or Yoga Trainings.   What’s the difference?

Yoga Trainings: Immersed in learning and practicing all the aspects of the 8 limbs of yoga at all different levels for several months on alternating weekends.

Yoga Retreats:  Do whatever we want, all day long, for days at a time with mindfulness and intention through the lens of the yoga philosophy. 


1. HOW TO RETREAT. Many of you have told me that you don’t think you are strong enough or do enough yoga to attend a retreat. But…. These are truly RETREATS. Intentionally designed for Rest, Recharge, Relaxation and Reconnection.

Retreats include a morning all level flow, optional experiences throughout the day and evening relaxation practices. So it’s a very nourishing and recharging experience.

The optional experiences range from napping to ziplining and there’s a good mix of both happening, so you won’t be the only one ziplining your adrenaline, wandering the grounds, enjoying the spa or napping by the pool. (I personally prefer the wandering. Short hikes with great views and swimming).

Spend some time on your own or with the group depending on how you feel each day, but we do have all meals together except two lunches off site if you choose.

2. RETREAT FOOD. Every option is available. Protein packed breakfasts with bacon and eggs as well as tons of fresh, tropical fruits and veggies and gluten free options that are DELICIOUS. So food on the island is not a concern. You can bring/buy/pack any specific foods you want for yourself. (I always pack extra chocolate) ; )

3. DEADLINES. Info Session this Sunday. If you’re on the fence about it… let us connect with you or connect you to those who have attended before? Or come to the free brunch/info session this coming Sunday at 10:30am. At the studio or on zoom.  Just to get more info, the schedule, the transportation tips, meet the others, etc. No pressure.

CLICK BELOW IF YOU WANT TO BE KEPT IN THE LOOP FOR THE NEXT 4-6 WEEKS. If not, this is Hui Hou to you! (Until we meet again in the spirit of love, according to

: )

p.s. transportation is on your own but depending on how many people travel at the same times we will attempt to coordinate airport transfers.

The HUMERUS thing about Yoga

It’s true, I broke my arm. I’ll spare you the gross photos and just tell you the embarrassing story below.

But first…

Many of you have already reached out with incredibly sweet offers to help me… and of course I am so grateful for all of you.

But there’s only ONE thing I really need help with at this moment.

As most of you know, on September 15 – 18th, we’re hosting our 13 year celebration! Four days of free yoga, fun flows, festivities, food and fellow yogis.

That’s only eight days from now. And I’m not able to get around and promote like I had planned… not able to drive, nor type just yet… (I’m voice memo’ing this into my phone).

So what I would really like your help with is spreading the word, filling those free classes and celebrating with as many of you as possible!

We are so excited for this…. 14 free classes, goodies and giveaways, new fall T-shirts, new mats and $29 intro passes!

If you know anyone that has ever considered, starting a Yoga Practice, this weekend celebration is the perfect time and place.

And if I run out of groceries, I will definitely reach out to you, but in the meantime, if you could share a few posts, post a few flyers, invite your friends and neighbors… your doctor, your teachers, your mailman, your hairdresser… ‍♀️

Basically, please just share the Love


As for my embarrassing adventure… I went rollerskating last Friday night. Yep. My precious teal blue skates, the disco lights, the roller rink tunes… The works.

The rumors are not true, though…  I was not doing jumps or trying to shoot the duck or skate backwards, or do anything fancy.

I was actually just cruising along, breeze in my hair, singing along to apple bottom jeans, and thinking to myself how great it is, that I “still got it” ‍♀️

And then… out of nowhere… splat! On my face, on the concrete, smashed shoulder, paramedics, four hours in the ER, massive bruising, and 6 to 8 weeks in a sling.

Broken humerus.  Real Funny.

For those of you who have been reading my emails for years, you know that I consider myself somewhat clever, witty, dare I say, humorous?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve been given the opportunity to embrace, change and challenge, letting go and finding silver linings by breaking my humerus.

The universe has a sense of humor too.

I would love to tell you about all the ways my breathing practices have helped, ALL the silver linings and the people who got me through this first week.

But I’m definitely over my word limit tonight. Maybe next time.

I hope to see you very soon.

The humorous thing about all of this is that … I really do consider this a ‘Lucky Break’.

Lucky it wasn’t a leg. Lucky it wasn’t my hand. Lucky it wasn’t my head.

Because I can still teach classes….

I will be teaching my regular classes… starting tomorrow…

I just will not be doing any planks, lol.

Much love


FREE TEEN YOGA All the time!

LoveStrong Training



Yep, that’s right. We’re a teenager.

And we want to celebrate with YOU!

And because we understand what it’s like to be angsty, moody, hormonal, growing in ways that surprise, delight and annoy us . . . we can relate.

I mean puberty, menopause and manopause are all cut from the same cloth.

You heard me guys, this is for you too.

Because we all have challenging things to get through from disappointments to deaths. Ups and downs. Mountains and molehills.

YOGA has taught ME that everything is always changing and the answer is to pause.

To pause long enough to breathe, relax, wait and observe… and things will change. The path will get clearer.

So the better I get at embracing change… the better.

I wish I had learned this SO much earlier in life.

Which is whyyyyy…. we’re offering free yoga to any teenager, any time, any class!

If you know someone 13-19, let’s show them how to embrace change.

How to roll with the punches, go with the flow, enjoy the ride, keep calm and carry on.

How to PAUSE, use their breath, move their body and patiently observe life changing.

It’s the roller coaster of life analogy…. To be brave on the way up, scream on the way down and enjoy the view in between.

Pausing helps.

Breathing helps.

Moving with Intention helps.

Sleeping well helps.

And knowing that I CAN HANDLE IT… helps the most.

I can handle the ride.

No matter what.

And when this coaster finally comes to a stop… I’ll step off gracefully into the unknown because I can.

Because yoga and life taught me that the ride is never over, It wasn’t even real. it’s just changing. And I’m okay with that.

#therideofyourlife. #happynomatterwhat. #embracingchange #icanhandleit

Two annoying myths about yoga… and how Maui helps

I love getting together with you all after class on Saturday Morning. Thanks to The Brim for giving us that space! And for you guys for giving me that awesome subject line!

It’s only partially true… I haven’t been arrested. Yet.

I have been trying to find a specific type of dog treat for months. I finally found it and the place won’t sell it to me because of some ridiculous red tape. I half-jokingly asked what they would do if I just ran out of their office with the treats.

And I know it’s ridiculous red tape because after more determined research, I found a place in another state that WILL sell them to me. And it’s all legit!

Why do I go to such great lengths for these treats…. If you have a dog and want to hear that story, let me know. Otherwise just know that I take his health as seriously as I do mine… and yours.

The takeaway here is that I will go to GREAT LENGTHS for something I know matters.  He matters. YOU matter.

And here at Love Yoga… we will go to GREAT LENGTHS for you.

We will create the space, clean the space, build walls, change curtains, remove walls, install new fans. I continue learning myself so I can… train awesome teachers, hire said teachers, add new classes, workshops, retreats and trainings….

Because it matters.

And I want you to have EVERY opportunity to find YOUR practice.

But there might be some myths and misunderstandings about some of the options… so let me clear a few things up regarding our classes:


Myth #1:

Power Yoga is too intense. It’s all about handstands, acrobatics, crazy twisting and overall too hard.

The Truth:

Done right, the original power yoga is steady and gradually challenging so that we teach ourselves to feel stronger, calmer and empowered in any situation. Resilient.

Yes, it is a stronger class and you should have some experience.

But Power is a mindset as much as a physical challenge to us. And we teach it that way.
**(new heated Power class 6:30am M/W. No acrobatics).

Misunderstanding #2:

Gentle yoga is too slow, boring and mostly for beginners.

The Truth:

Done right, Gentle yoga is intended to slow us down and spark introspection so that we feel stronger at every level, calm enough to listen to our intuition and empowered in any situation.


Yes it is a slower roll and maybe that’s the just the kind of challenge you need. …just sayin’

OUR REAL POWER comes from being able to adapt…NO MATTER WHAT.

(worth repeating).

To Choose how we experience our experiences.

Remember, the yoga class is just the guide…

How you live, is the practice.

We’re not just about downdogs ‘round here.

We love everything about yoga… the modern parts and the ridiculously ancient parts as well.

And we would never NOT sell you something you wanted because of a little red tape!

So if you don’t see something you want on the schedule, let us know, we’ll make it happen.

See you on the mats!

Much Love,


p.s. Oh! And how Maui helps is that we’ll let go of all the myths, any frustrations and everything else for a glorious week in February 2024… on Maui.

See our events page for the details!

Summer, Retreats and Classes


1. Turkish Spa means everyone gets naked. Together.
2. Some countries charge for public restrooms.
3. Air conditioning is not guaranteed… anywhere.
4. How to sleep… anywhere, anytime, on a dime.
5. ‘Adventure’ means something different to everyone.

I’m working on creating FOUR retreats right now because this is something I feel called to do for the studio, for our community, for me personally.

To create more flow. More opportunities for fun connections, eye opening exploration and unforgettable experiences.

(Which we are also creating here at the studio with our Summer Events Calendar!) Scroll down after clicking.

It’s more complicated than I expected to find just the right venue, at the right time of year, with awesome excursions and fabulous food with options … and that’s available.  That’s why I’m throwing one in the mix that is COMPLETE AND TOTAL RELAXATION.

And just to be clear… I am not the ‘sleep in a hammock, under the stars, wake to the morning screeches of monkeys in the trees’ kind of traveler. I believe our ancestors toiled hard to invent indoor plumbing and I think it’s a little disrespectful not to use it. So all of MY retreats will have at least some level of luxury included. Besides, all you outdoorsy camper types don’t need ME taking you on a trip.

The four options I’m currently gathering info for are:

1. Santa Fe – Exploring the Springs, Shops, Spices and Hikes
2. Maui – Deep Reset, Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation Resort
3. Bordeaux – Charming Chateau with Vineyard and Village Visits
4. Sisters – Finding Flow in the Forest and at Five Pines, staying local, but in the wild

Something spicy, something tropical, something extravagant and something locally delightful.

Vote for your Top Two choices HERE:

Here’s a few pics from our past retreats to France and Hawaii…. PLUS our Summer Events Calendar for right here at LOVE…. So far…

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for all you Summer Lovin’ Yogis.

And Thank you for stickin’ with us during this season… it literally means the Summer to us.

A balanced journey through the south of France. #love #yoga #loveyogastudios #yogatour

Pre tour adventures with @passagepusher @profdanae @vonda710 @wholisticjourney @imomi3. For more tour photos follow us