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Masking up for Love

Say Cheeeeese!  It works with Pleeeeease also.  It’s just a way of making you smile so you’ll feel better.  See how easy your mind is to manage??

So when you have your mask on… say cheese. Say please. Say please don’t cut the cheese.  But please DO pleasantly wear your mask at Love.  It’s the law.

Here’s our plan:

1. You need to wear a mask into the studio and anytime you are not on your mat. Once on your mat you may remove it.

2.  As long as we are social distancing, we can still practice together.

3. Teachers will wear masks up until the time class starts.

4. We’ll stay on our mats.

5. If you are exempt from wearing a mask due to a medical condition please message me directly for the protocol. In most cases at this time we will respectfully suggest that you practice with us online for even more self care and protection.

See? No big deal. Not much different than last week. It’s just a little extra protection on your path to bliss!

Think of it like a baseball hat, condoms, seatbelts or sunblock… Just a little extra protection. Perspective right? Speed bumps not road blocks. 💚💪🏼

We love you all for your patience, encouragement and cooperation and collaborations.

Really, Thank YOU.

Summer Dilemmas

Are you in the Summer state of mind yet?  Research shows that our minds crave novelty. While we do appreciate the security of a system or routine… Our minds are always searching for something new.  (Probably why the slinky was invented). Research also shows that we learn and grow with the most potential when there is a sense of urgency (like a time limit) and a specific focus. (Think Rubik’s cube or Boggle).

So if we want to head into a Summer with a new zest for life outside of quarantine and the ability to embrace the new changes we’ve been presented with… it makes sense that we start here. At Love.

Yoga fills our mind’s need for novelty because every experience, every class, every sound is different each time.  Well except for the garbage cans and the grate. Those are still here and as timely as ever.

It also gives us the opportunity to practice embracing change… learning new processes while focusing on small details for an hour or so. As a bonus, we also practice letting go of our expectations. Expectations for better balance, longer planks and a sense of normalcy from PQT. (pre quarantine times).  So I’m prepping for Summer.  I want a 1979, ice cream truck, koolaid popsicles, roller skating, slip n sliding, kind of state of mind.  What’s your Summer state of mind look like? Any favorites from the 70s? Adolescent years? I’m gonna get responses ranging from sock hops to power rangers, I’m sure!


1. If you’re practicing with us this Summer, pleeeeeease remember to sign up ahead of time. It’s the only way we know whether to hold, cancel, change or add classes.

2. We wanted to offer a sizzling Summer special … but as you know… we’re still on the 2020 roller coaster. So we modified our memberships for those of you that don’t have one yet!  Save now and get your 3 month Mini Membership!

Just $68/mo because this is a safe and healthy way to ease back into the world. Plus we know your mind and your mat will love it!  Aaaand this includes both in studio and online classes!  Bonus tee shirt if you sign up by the 15th!

We’re back on the mats Friday morning!

FINALLY!! It’s Time to Reconnect with LOVE!  This Friday in the Studio. (Yes, Online classes will continue – also on a modified schedule).

Once you do the following three things, it’ll be just like before. Show up, check in, practice. For now, It’s a smaller schedule than before so please be patient. We’re easing back in for all our sakes.

Please, please read the following and click to our website at the bottom before asking for tech help. (and then find a millenial before calling me… but I’m here for you if you don’t have one! ; ) lol.

It’s a smaller schedule with smaller classes, (limit 12-15). You must sign up and and pay for class before coming. We can’t guarantee you a spot if you just drop by.

You’ll have to do 3 things in order to get into class: Create an account, sign a waiver and register for class.

On the HOME PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE are these three slides:

1. Link to create your MindBodyOnline account.

2. Link to our new state required waiver.

3. Link to our studio and online schedules.

Current Pass Holders: If you have a class pass or membership you’ll be able to sign up as usual. (via MindBodyOnline)

NON Pass Holders:  We hope you’ll join us. Once you purchase a pass you will also have access to our online FaceBook LIVE classes and our Video library of recorded classes.  Plus! If you purchase a full membership, you’ll get a brand new mat!


1. Please wait for doors to be unlocked/propped open approx.15 min. before class.

2. Please bring as few things as possible inside with you.

3. Please feel free to wear a mask or not and be kind and respectful either way.

4. Please wear socks inside the studio when you are not on your own mat.

5. If you have a small towel for any surprise sneezes or throat tickles, you could bring that. I’ll have some on hand you can purchase if you forget.

6. We have new mat bags that will hold everything you need if that helps. They are $35. I have about 8 of them right now.

7. Start practicing your PFE now, because I am in NO mood for critiques of the new process. Pleasant. Facial. Expressions. People. Start practicing ; )

8. If you sign up for a class and it’s full. Please stay on the waitlist even if you make other plans. If you get bumped into the class and have decided not to come, you can always decline and it will automatically go to the next person. But this way we get a better idea of which classes to expand or duplicate first. If you sign up for a class and don’t show, you’ll get charged. We are a small business trying to rebuild just like all our other small business friends. Someone could have had that spot.  *12 hour cancellation notice required.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all!
We are so looking forward to practicing with you 💚

Any Non Tech Questions?

I have only ever seen 3 people die

I’ve only ever seen three people die.

My Grandma.
My Dad.
And George Floyd.

It quickly puts things into perspective. Things like Life. Family. Schedules. Masks. Friends. Haircuts. Yoga.

How lucky am I to have the luxury of worrying about the yoga schedule right now. I don’t feel lucky. I feel nauseous. And pissed. And sad.

See I was born in the middle. Middle child. Middle-class family. Middle of the state. Middle of the West Coast. Part Democrat part Republican. Part Buddhist Part Baptist. I can always see both sides of every situation. So It came natural to feel indecisive. Never wanting to upset anyone.

But watching the horror of George Floyd’s murder made everything instantly clear:

This world could be a safer place if we all decide to make it happen. We have to decide to make it happen.

Nelson Mandela said it before me ; )

… “It is in our hands to create a better world for ALL who live in it”.

He also said… “it always seems impossible, until it’s done”.

Today I find myself in the middle again. To reopen. To not open. To mask or not to mask. To go back to the way it was… or to change everything. But I’m more decisive now.

I will never presume to have all the answers. I will never assume I know how you feel.  And I will no longer imagine or pretend that the world I live in … works for everyone.

What I will do is keep practicing because it makes me calmer, stronger and braver. It gives me the clarity to make better decisions. And if you want a safe place to practice, to get out of your house, to get out of your head and into your heart…. I’ll be here creating that clean, open space.

Please remember two things:

  1. Be KIND. Be extra kind if you come here. Things are different. We are all doing the best we can.
  2. His name was George Floyd. Please remember his name. He didn’t have the choice to breathe. He didn’t get to decide. We can. We can sign the petition, donate money, support and follow the leaders in the communities that are fighting for their lives. I can decide to do more. #justiceforgeorge #blacklivesmatter #chooselove

    Sign the petitions, donate, share his story.

George Floyd 1974 – 20202

My Dad 1960 and 2008

Grandma 1996-ish?


Part 1 of 3 – ReOpening the Studio!

Happy Friday!
(Part 1 of 3 – Re Opening)

We’ve had a few fun glitches this week. Some supplies haven’t arrived yet. Our Facebook Live feed dropped mid class twice leaving y’all in an extraordinarily long pigeon. I left the ladder in the studio for one of the classes and then I got 3 hours of sleep last night. That’s a huge glitch.

It happens. Every few weeks or so I have a few sleepless nights. It’s a weird world right now, right? But when that happens… I write . . . and some of my best ideas come from that writing! Some of my best Haikus! ; )

So I did a lot of writing last night, ‘splaining some of our new adjustments for you. Which means YOU have a lot of emails coming your way! LOL.

First one is about Socks, Props and Cash.

Second one is about our new schedule and pricing.

Third one is about your contact info and the Online Video Library. 

So if any of these things interest you, be on the lookout over the next few days. And then back to our regularly scheduled programming.

SOCKS: We’re asking that once you enter the studio, that you please remove your shoes and wear your socks until you get to your mat. We don’t have an entryway anymore, so you’ll be entering the studio right on to our precious floors. Plus socks offer us all protection, kind of like a condom for yoga feet. And if you happen to forget yours… WE’VE GOT SOME! (socks, that is. Brand new, never before worn, socks) ; )

I have to be really creative to get you all to open these emails!

PROPS: We aren’t allowed to provide props or cleaning supplies for your props. You are welcome to bring them and then take them with you. Including your mat. If you don’t yet have a mat, we just got brand new beginner, travel and harmony mats. ($37, $67 and $85).

** And remember! Full Memberships come with a MAT or a TEE!

CASH. We’re trying not to handle much cash for the forseeable future – you know it’s almost as germy as your cell phone right??  So that means you gotta pay online or with a check. (who still does that? I know, I know… who you are ; )  (and I Thank you!).  For most of you this isn’t new. But for those that come to the 5$ cash only Tuesday and Friday night, we’ll have class packages you can purchase online ahead of time.

That’s it for now! Back later with our modified schedule and pricing and then we’ll start getting you signed up for classes!

Still shooting for June 5th as our Re Open Date. 

The Demolition Crew and Plans for next month

” Roots grow strong with deeper Connections”


Four minute video message below on the State of the Studio.

We’re going Back to our Roots with our space, our practice and our philosophy!

Let me preface this with one HUGE CAVEAT: 

We will adjust as we go. Please understand, we will not open if it’s not safe and sound. We are preparing for both best case scenario and worst while following all the guidelines and requirements for your safety as well as ours.

And if things change, so will we. 

I’ll send more specifics as we get closer and I’ll share the demolition pics along the way!

Check out our new Website with direct Links to get your Online Class Pass.
Online passes purchased in May come with a ‘One Month Studio Pass’!


In case you missed this video

I’ve been trying to find video formats that allow us to share more of our classes… and in the search, I’ve found some other cool apps.  Here’s one that I’ll refine so that next time I don’t cut off Hanawalt’s head. But I still love it. I love these people. We wouldn’t be here without them…..

He might have been a gentleman but it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped

See, I wanted to work for myself. I was 22. Living in Seattle. So I got a job selling Rainbow Carpet cleaners. A $1500 RAINBOW vacuum with Eucalyptus oil – before oils were all the rage. It left the whole house smelling like a brand new bottle of Vick’s vapor rub. Clean!

Upon arriving at someone’s home to demonstrate (clean their carpet), I handed them their bonus gift: a set of steak knives. The first house I went to, I accidentally backed into their fence while trying to park. They didn’t buy.  But 3 days later was the real eye opener.

I was sent to a house about 8 miles out of town on a long dirt road. At 6pm. In the fall. Not quite dark, but eerie enough. I hesitantly approached the door of a battered modular home with the sound of guard dogs inside. (probably poodles). The large dude that opened the door had a bushy beard, a leather vest and a bright and shiny hook for a left hand. I politely handed him his bonus gift…. and then calmly walked back to my car to ‘get the Rainbow’ and instead, got in my car and drove away. I resigned that night. It was not for me. And I knew it before that night.

Why do I tell you this, other than it’s a good story of my naievete. It’s a good story about going with my gut.  It’s also a good example me trying new things and things not working out. He could have been a perfect gentlemen. He could have been a nightmare. I had a gut feeling it was neither and not worth the risk for me to be there alone at night.

But I also knew in my heart… the Eucalyptus Rainbow was not my future. After that I sold Discovery Toys, Advertising in animated maps, Pampered Chef, insurance, mortgages, siding and newspaper advertising.

I wanted to run a business. I still do.
I’m still going to. I’m not afraid or naieve.
I know what it takes and I have it.

And if you’re struggling with the current state of affairs….
I want you to remember one thing.

You have it too.

You have what it takes to go with your gut. You have what it takes to get through things. To create new things. Or to change things. Maybe what you currently have is falling apart and you can’t imagine how it’s going to work out? I felt like that for the first few weeks too and then I remembered the acorn’s fate.

The acorn has to fall apart in order for the Oak tree to emerge.

So there you have it. Wise words from Suzanne during C19.
At first I was a little concerned that this email would sound pompous… boldly stating that I have what it takes. But the truth is I’ve spent most of my time in quarantine reading things that inspire me because I need it! I’m over here by myself talking to my tomato plants and reading biographies of survivors!  (Ernest Shackleton is now my hero!)

I know some people don’t want to feel pressured to ‘accomplish big things’ during quarantine. But I DO want to accomplish big things. And I’m proud of the way I keep myself inspired. We could be losing everything we’ve worked for the past 10 years at Love. I’ve applied and got zero funding. This is my only gig. So I know it’s scary and complicated for everyone.

That’s why I had to do inspiring things for myself. I planted a mini garden. I fixed my garage door. I learned to change a bike tire and then broke the chain. I Marie Kondo’d my house… again. I practice yoga and meditation every single day. I’ve mowed my lawn more times than I have in 10 years. Edged, weeded and pruned. I’ve walked 204 miles almost every day and improved my sleep considerably! (that was suppose to say 2-4 miles but when I saw the typo, I thought that was funnier).

Coincidentally, I also binge watched The Heart Doctor on AcornTV. ??

I also launched our online studio and became an audio/video expert with the help of our amazing teachers. We rearranged the studio and put most of our stuff in storage to make way for the new regulations for re-opening. (more on that later).

It’s not easy. But the alternative… scotch and oreos… doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried that technique before.

So I hope you do some things too. I hope nobody comes out of 8 weeks of quarantine and says, I drank a shit ton of vodka and made the most of my Netflix account. If you did, then you’re probably not reading my emails anyway but if you are… stop it!


STUDIO UPDATE:  We are re-opening. We are just waiting to hear from the state what our new regulations will be. We are getting prepared with what we know is probable and we will accomodate anything new. We are making the studio as clean, comfy and welcoming as we can so that you’ll feel safe and excited to reconnect with Love.

Stay tuned… we have more on the horizon for later this week.

Here’s  a new video for you – a little clip of our latest online videos
and a
Guided Meditation to help with relaxation.

Much Love,
: )

Bloopers, Gift Passes and Free Guided Relaxation

Life might seem like one long blooper reel lately.

But sometimes that’s where some of the most challenging things, turn into the most humorous things.

Seriously though, It’s ABSURD how many times I’ll redo a 13 second video. Ridiculous actually.  I know a lot of you are like, ‘whatever, it doesn’t matter, don’t be vain, just send it’.  I’m not vain. I just don’t want to look stupid. Or blotchy or bitchy. It’s fine line, LOL.  You are probably the same people who’ve used the hashtag #wokeuplikethis (Huge eye roll). I teach yoga. Filming is not my forte.

However, I have managed to figure out which is my good side, how much powder helps and how to avoid the ‘chins’ look.

So now….. we’re officially ONLINE.
Available now. Technically, Everywhere.
#LoveisEverywhere  #StayhomewithLove
With full yoga classes, short classes and guided meditations. Everything you need to stay fit, remain calm and forge new paths in the world!  (too much?)

(Side Note about the blooper reel:  You can’t put videos in emails, or I would have strung all these together and left it here for your entertainment. But I want to get all the teachers in there first. ; ) Maybe next time).

In the meantime, I’d like to ask for your help… PLEASE don’t  let my new found Tech Skills  go to waste. If you or someone you know would like to try yoga in the comfort of your own home… in your pajamas? Now’s your chance. Nobody’s watching you!

Plus, when you get an online pass for our Virtual Studio and our Live Facebook Group videos, you are making a positive contribution to the entire community. This is how we’re keeping it all together, keeping us all connected and making sure that we can practice together again soon.

And if you’d like to GIFT a pass to someone on the front lines or someone out of work, just let us know, we’d be happy to share the love and split the cost. Let us know how we can help.

Message me directly with any questions: 

Much Love and Appreciation,
: )

We’re Baaaaaack! Virtually, that is!

We have two online portals:  (Yes, I’m Judy Jetson now)

1. A Facebook Group where we shoot LIVE classes every morning.
2. Love’s Virtual Studio in Namastream (Video/Audio library/workshop + shorter classes + bonuses)


1. If you currently have a full studio membership or an online pass, we already sent you your email with your private link. Email me if you didn’t see it.

2. If you currently have an intro pass, or an 8 or 16 class pass, we will pause it until we return to the studio. You can purchase our ‘one month’ online membership HERE. Your receipt will contain links to join the FB Group and Virtual Studio.

3.  If you don’t currently have a pass in the system, you can purchase a new one here.
When purchasing, in MindBodyOnline, Your receipt will contain links to join the FB Group and Virtual Studio.

4.  If you or someone you know is new to yoga in general, now is also a great time to try out our Introduction to Yoga class in the comfort of your own home!  Email me if you’d like to GIFT an online pass to someone.


Once you have your Online Pass? 

Your links to the Facebook Group and Virtual Studio will be in your receipt.

When you click through to Namastream:

  1. Create your Namastream Account
    2. Then Click Subscribe
    3. Enter the coupon code from your receipt (all caps)
    4. Then scroll up and click register product

It looks different from ipad, to iphone, to laptop. So if you have any tech trouble, first try switching devices

One last thing. The SOUL COMPASS workshop is Online!

ReConnect…with us, with each other and with your self in this 4 part series, online, for a deeper version of the Soul Compass workshop. (12 person limit).

Four One Hour live group sessions via Zoom
Sunday Nights 8pm in April
$20/ea. $80 total.
Bring quiet, comfortable space, journal, pen, eye cover, open mind.

We will connect together once a week starting April 5th, to move forward iin life with encouragement, creativity, peace of mind, open hearts and clarity.

Purchase HERE in MindBody. Your link will be in your receipt to Connect via Namastream.


Much Love to you All,

: )