Full Steam Ahead – Keep Going with LOVE

Okay, new leaf, new note. I’m turning over a new leaf, firing up the engines and starting a new series called, ‘Keep Going…with Love’. Because I’ve been telling myself for a year now, ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… keep going’. I’m committing publicly to sending this weekly. Yep, Every Single. Week. So if you want off the Love train, now’s the time to depart. (the train analogy is literally just falling out of my brain onto the keyboard, I can’t stop). So I’ll keep chugging along. Lol. But before you decide . . . here’s where this train is headed:  Each week I’ll be doing three things: 1. Highlighting what we’re focused on in training and maybe even some behind the scenes pics! 2. Updating any schedule changes, studio classes and online offerings, with hundreds of awesome videos including a brand new 10 minute flow alongside other short classes.  I’m quite proud of all our teachers and their ability to adapt and teach so many different types of classes. They deserve a round of applause! 3. Using my enthusiasm, optimimism and clever entertainment to ENCOURAGE all of us to keep going and keep practicing so we all find our way to feeling LoveStrong. (did you know that ‘en-courage’ means ‘to inspire with heart’. or ‘to breathe in with heart’. Cool, right? That’s pretty much all we’re doing here… we just need to KEEP doing it!  WHY am I doing this? Because I just had the best Root Canal, ever! Yep, you read that right. I have been slightly terrified of the dentist for 40 years because of a horrible experience when I was young. But I had an amazingly easy and painless experience this week. And I learned three things from it: 1. You don’t have to have that block in your mouth – as an adult, they let you just hold your mouth open on your own. (mindblower! why has no one ever told me that!) 2. Whatever they give you to relax you really works! I was not able to nasal breathe my way throught it for 2 1/2 hours. 3. Your dentist and their team really matters. You should feel good about them. Shout out to the conductors and their crews: Dr. Hagerty & Dr. Wiens   See, before the root canal, I was starting to lose steam. A year is a long time to keep the coals burning and pistons firing without passengers. I’ve been telling myself to just keep going even if I can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Somehow I knew if I just kept going, eventually the winds would shift. And they have. We’re still here and we are about to RE OPEN!!! (stay tuned). All it took was having a great dental experience to remind me that inspiration, courage and innovation can come anytime, from anywhere. So, all aboard, don’t be afraid. This train is getting back on track and we’re going places… together. See you soon and much love to you all, : ) Suzanne p.s  You might have already received an email notification of these posts… because I forgot that it sends you a separate notification if you’ve subscribed to our website. At least you won’t miss out! ; )