What does Spiritual mean to you?

The word spiritual is often linked closely with religious, so let me first make the distinction I’m shooting for here.

In my experience, connecting with my spirit means I connect with a deeper part of myself where I’m not thinking about daily routines but where I can feel, sense and hear my heart. Simply letting my mind rest and wander. Not necessarily thinking, but not trying ‘not’ to think either. Open to whatever emerges. (We use to call that free time).

I do this mostly with meditation and writing but in recent years, I’m finding another powerful path to this connection through hiking/walking. (I always add the word walking because I don’t want to imply that I’m deep in the forest or on a mountain top cavorting with bears and eagles having a mystical experience. Sometimes I’m simply walking around the junior high track). Although I have had some pretty interesting encounters with baby squirrels lately!

Do you feel spiritual? How do you connect with your spirit?

With yoga, meditation and writing there is a legit flow that occurs when this connection happens:

* We move and breath and Energy shifts.
* Relaxation follows, brains waves move into Alpha/Theta range
* And that’s when the magic happens.
* The rest of the world melts away for a bit.
* The connection is more clear between your head and heart.
* This is when Ideas break through, Epiphanies emerge.
* Writing them down, expounding on them brings even more flow.
* It takes a little practice. And you can access it anytime you want.


In this way, whether magic or science… I believe that everyone is spiritual. Everyone can connect to their own unique spirit/heart/soul/god/universe/consciousness and receive wisdom and insight that is specific to YOU. Whatever raises your energetic frequency will feel good AND connect you to your spirit.

Another way is to surround yourself with LOVE. (and wear it too! ) Seriously. You’ve heard of Dr. Emoto, right? He put positive words on some water containers and negative words on others. The positive ones formed beautiful, symmetrical patterns and the negative ones formed uneven and broken patterns. He saw water as a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change its physical structure. (What are we mostly made of? Water, energy and space)

Surrounding ourselves with LOVE raises our energetic frequencies which allows stronger, loving connections. So until we can gather together, connect and surround ourselves with loving peeps, we hope that you will enjoy wrapping yourself up in our new Love Shirts. We GREATLY appreciate your support as this is also part of our efforts to stay open and practicing with you.

Much Love to all of you – We hope to see you soon!
: )