WTF Update?

So for those of you that don’t know, we’re a little engulfed in smoke from surrounding fires. Some of you are in evacuation prep zones and some have already evacuated. (yes, we’re saying it again… wtf2020?)

And In case you’ve been really out of the loop….

The past few months have been a bit of a roller coaster.  And you know I’m all about making molehills out of mountains… So yes, there’s been some disruption. Some shutdowns, school closures, politics, pandemics and now… wildfires.  I’m not even gonna capitalize those words for emphasis. You feel it.

We are all getting the FULL EARTH EXPERIENCE!

So I want to get my money’s worth and enjoy the ride. And when I step off this ride, I want to look back and think…. ‘TOTALLY WORTH IT!’.

So, here’s how this is gonna go over here at LOVE: 

1.  We are currently open as scheduled and plan to be open as long as it feels safe because we want you to have at least one clean, safe, breatheable place to go if you need it. Most of us live close by and the studio feels clean and clear thus far. If we cancel a class it will show up cancelled in the App and Mindbody and I will also post on social media.

2.  YOU have access to our MBO Online Video Library. We are continually uploading past and present classes.

There might be a few little glitches with our library that we don’t know about cause that’s already happened. But I’m over here walking the treadmill, reading the oldies and watching for any tech glitches that I can resolve.

We’re new to the App thing. We’re new to the wildfire thing but we are NOT new to the EMBRACING CHANGE AND FOCUSING ON THE PRESENT MOMENT. 

So I encourage you to practice with us.  Practice making molehills our of mountains when you can. Practice feeling calm, alert and ready to ride. Practice taking good care of yourself regardless of your circumstances or environment. Eat well, move a lot, connect with others … and yourself.

OKAY, I better pump the brakes while this is still counts as a brief update!

For anyone impacted by fires and smoke, the resources are up and listed all over Linn County, but if you need something or can’t find what you’re looking for… please call me.
I can help. This is my home turf and I know it well and I know people.

For anyone not impacted but feeling stuck at home, jump on in here and practice with us. Or jog in place, or do somersaults, paint the bathroom, Marie Kondo a closet. Please do NOT get sucked down the social media lashing out unless it’s something we can help with.

Much love and safety to all of you,
: )