Celebrate the Holidays with Ease. . .

Holidays bring a definite whirl of activity with them…so finding time to recharge can be complicated.  We’d like to help make it easy for you to drop in anytime and escape, explore, relax, work out, connect…. whatever it is you happen to need on any particular day.  The simplest way to do that is with the monthly Love Yoga pass.  Drop in anytime, any class, any instructor.
Here are a few passes to choose from:

1.  $40.  The Trial Pass.  If you’re fairly new to the whole yoga pass thing, the trial pass gives you 30 days of unlimited yoga for all of our classes!
Holiday Bonus:  Buy one for you, Get one FREE for a friend!  (December only)

2.  If you’ve been coming to Love Yoga and are ready to transform your life with a renewed commitment to take care of yourself, the monthly unlimited pass (regularly $80/mo) is on special for $70/mo.  or $65/mo with a 6 month auto withdrawal!

3.  Additional Holiday Bonus! If you make it to each instructor in the month of December, we’ll add another free class to your pass! 

If for any reason, none of these passes work for you… please let us know so we can help…and consider our Tuesday and Friday night 5$ classes!  Always a great turnout and a wonderful practice for beginners and experienced yogis alike!

Remember to save the date for our Winter Solstice (Dec. 20th) and the Winter Wellness Walk (Jan. 4th).  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!