Changes, New Hikes and Joyful Meditation

(Scroll down for Sunday’s Hiking details, 8 Limbs Workshop on Feb. 7th, and teacher training postponement details) And a very important p.s. at the end.

I used to say that I love change. Change keeps things new and interesting. Change provides new opportunities. Change signifies growth and expansion. Change mixes things up.  Remember Snowpocalypse 2014 when it snowed so much everything shut down and people walked to yoga? Slightly inconvenient but it sparked new conversations, new ideas and the Flo45 class which I fully intend to bring back this year!

But what I really meant was, I love fun, positive change. I do NOT like sad or scary changes. And most changes have an element of fear . . . or the unknown to them. But, embracing, navigating and surviving any kind of change does in fact lead you to growth, expansion and clarity. So while I’ve been grappling with uncertainty, confusion and despair for the past few months . . . I also found a surprising level of clarity as well.  I am definitely clearer about some things.

Things like… I am selling my house because it’s more house and yard than I’ve wanted for a long time. Where will I live? In a pinch, I’m sure you have an extra room… but I have lots of options while I figure that out.  That bit of uncertainty does not phase me at all.

Things like… I am definitely getting a dog this year but I am not quite ready yet. I want to make sure my new place is a good place for a dog. Yes, I’ll try to rescue one if it’s not a pit or chihuahua… and I’m already following all the dog rescue Instagrams so no need to send me every abandoned dog photo… in fact, please don’t.

Things like… We are launching a new Meditation project. Everything we’ve done up to now with Love Yoga has led us to this and more. What did you think Savasana really was?  Just another reason for adult napping??  Partially. But also, there’s this: Every yoga practice ever created is intended to lead you to a state of connection with your heart and soul. A state in which you have a few minutes of peace and clarity that lead you to a feeling of joy, love, appreciation and clarity.  Yes, that’s the true purpose of yoga and more specifically, savasana. Downdogs, planks, pigeons and warriors are just a few of the steps along the way.

This project is called Joyful Meditation and you can hear the intro to it on the podcast…. what? You didn’t know we had a podcast?  That’s because we haven’t told anyone yet. Because I’ve just been practicing… just recording a few things to get comfortable with having my voice recorded. It’s akin to having my photo taken. Ugh.  But going forward, I’ll be recording a new 15-20 minute Joyful Meditation each week to show you how joyful, easy, powerful, helpful, simple, funny and magical… meditation can be.  Meditation can be funny…. aaaaand magical…. aaaaand beneficial.  Trust me on this.

Each Joyful Meditation will give you some meditation tips at the beginning, a period of silence, a question for you to contemplate and another period of silence. This way all you have to do is hold still and listen.  And then write to me and tell how amazing you feel. Because that’s the kind of change I LOVE!


In the meantime, here’s what’s coming up at Love: 

  1. Hiking this Sunday 7:30am to Stassel Falls. Email for trailhead meeting or carpooling info. (More info on IG & FB)
  2. 8 Limbs Philosophy foundations workshop. $40. Thursday Feb. 7th, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Feel free to attend the 5:30pm Gentle Class included in the cost. Go deeper into the 8 limbs and see how we seamlessly integrate them into our classes and how you can integrate them more fully into your own personal practice and your daily life for an additional perspective on relationships with the world and those we interact with most often.
  3. Teacher Training is postponed until Mid March this year. We are creating a new schedule for the 2019 training and it will most likely be our only training this year. If you’re interested or had previously applied – please email me directly to be included in the training correspondence. And please attend the 8 limbs workshop for training prep.

Be back soon with more opportunities for you to connect, practice and create!

: )

Much Love,



VERY IMPORTANT P.S. – I can’t yet begin to write about all the love and appreciation I have for all of your support over the past few months. The teachers relieving me of any obligations, the studio thriving over the holidays, our community (you) sending so much love and support…. it’s still too overwhelming to go into detail about, so first I’m going to dive back into the studio and get caught up… and then I’ll consider writing more. But for now, please know… we received all the love, the cards, the messages and more.  And we are beyond grateful for each and every one of you. Beyond Grateful.