Competitive-ish Challenges and Tiny Transformations

We’ve heard that old adage forever… but rarely do the things we do, have, love, use, give… happen in moderation. Which is why many of us have embraced the yogic lifestyle of
creating balance.

And how we do that is through all the tiny transformations that come from this practice. Hundreds, if not thousands of them… but I boil it down to about 16.

For the first time in my life… I feel the pressure of this constant barrage of imbalances. (It’s making me miss my blissfully unaware 70s).

I mean, Aren’t we all asking ourselves how much more of this we can take??

These Big life transformations have a way of altering our perceptions and leading us to re-evaluate our life choices. (I think it’s called Growth?). Big things like turning 40 or 50, (heck maybe even some of you turning 30 get this), losing a parent, empty nesting, moving, divorcing, marrying, losing or finding a dog, losing Tom Petty, a world wide catastrophe, and small business challenges during said catastrophe, etc.

And I realize this pales in comparison to my grandmother’s big life transformations – being born in the 20s. You know… things like War. Multiple wars, her husband dying of polio, being left with two small children, starting her own business, family fallout, the invention of the TV, the microwave, the internet… she loved playing scrabble on the internet. She went from drawing a line up the back of her leg with eyeliner (to look like she could afford nylons), to having a big screen, her own computer and facebook account.

So… regardless of how frustrating the world is right now, regardless of how many days we have left in this LOVESTRONG45 challenge (26!)… I continually encourage myself to keep going. Because challenging myself to keep going makes me stronger, smarter, braver and… healthier.

Everyone knows that being super healthy right now gives us better odds of feeling great and thriving in the midst of this chaos.
And it doesn’t have to be this LoveStrong challenge that does it.

You could make any of these TinyTransformations  anytime, to feel a huge impact on your health and wellness.

Everything from low energy and your mood to back pain, anxiety or sleep struggles.

I may not get all 7 dots, every single day in this challenge.. but as Michelle said… she ended up sticking with her Top 3 most important goals and to her and that’s been even more successful!  I love that.

So, I’ll keep going – I’ll draw lines on the back of my legs if I have to… because I LOVE this practice and feeling healthy enough to thrive in whatever chaos come our way.