Finding… or Creating Joy

May your days be merry and bright!


Listen… I’ve had my share of Grinchy holidays and as some of you know… we’ve spent the last few years together… UNGrinching. And I think it’s working!

The holidays are loaded with complexities.

Whether you LOVE shopping, decorating and you jingle all the way to January 1st.

Or you’re missing someone you love, your families are split and there’s pressure to have plans and show up.

Well… this year, I’m jingling my way to January 1st with the best of them.

(Side note: I will never decorate the studio because I want that space to remain uncluttered and free of any distractions or deterrants to focusing on the practice). 

But I feel more peaceful and joyful heading into the holidays than ever.

Why? How? Well first… everything about life is better without my arm in a sling. So there’s that.

But then someone asked me if there was anything I did like about the holidays.

And there is! So I made a list.

I realized that I made a similar list just after my Dad passed. A list of all the things I could remember about him that made me happy. That list instantly changed me. It softened the grief and actually brought me genuine joy when I thought of him.

So I made a list of all the things I DO like about the holidays… and it changed me. I actually felt joyful when I focused on those things.

What were they?

The Sparkle. Not the Griswold-esque neighborhood lights.. but the delicate, shimmering, tiny lights in the windows of elegant gift shops.

The Songs. Holiday music is the ultimate in sing alongs. You might tire of it in the stores… but I love it in my home with the fireplace roaring, the dog snoring and me crooning Winter Wonderland. It’s cozy. And yes, I know it’s not 1948.

The Snowmen. I think snowmen and polar bears are adorable… and you see more of them now then any other time of the year.

Hmmm… focusing on things that bring me joy, make me smile and feel good.

Sounds like a good practice. How can I do more of that? Read on…

Now, I’m not saying I spend 100% of time in delusional holiday joy. Especially when I know others who are currently going through excruciating times.

Of course some stuff gets to me. Challenging things happen.

Of course I’ve cried myself to sleep with a box of snow covered oreos and a few vodka shots. (okay that was only the 2018 holidays).

But for the most part, I’ve gotten pretty good at talking myself into a better state of mind. At Uplifting myself. I look for silver linings and disco tunes… constantly.

We all have things that can bring us out of a funk… if we remember how our minds work.

So we created this year’s holiday challenge as a way to share what uplifts us and hopefully help uplift each other. I mean… what’s the alternative? More vodka?

So here’s our December challenge…. #30daysofjoy.

Do ONE thing every day. That’s it!

Feel free to use our ideas or your own. Consider sharing yours in our private FB Group or email them to us so we can share them. Or tell us in the studio.

You never know who YOU might inspire.