From Crossfit to Crystals in 3 days

1st stop. Cross fit is no joke! (Pics below).  Last weekend I went to a BREATHING clinic… at a crossfit gym in Los Angeles. I didn’t realize we’d be doing all the cross fit things throughout the day.

(*Before I get into that… remember the UnGrinching starts today and in order to win the $100 REI Gift card and other cool swag on Halloween … you gotta get your Grinch Card. Scroll down!)

As this was the first time I’d ever been in a crossfit gym… my body feels like it was there for a week!  Rowing machines, kettlebells, jump ropes? Pull up bars, boxes and burpees, oh my!  Oh and yea, we did a little breathing in between reps.  (FYI: The birth of competitive kettleball lifting is dated to 1885, with the founding of the Russian “Circle for Amateur Athletics”. I’m definitely an amateur, but also proud to say I held my own!).

So the breathing clinic was absolutely scientific validation for everything we’ve been teaching at Love about the importance of breathing.

  •     Exhaling matters. 
  •     Relaxation Heals.
  •     Consistent Practice Delivers Results

What Results?  
Less stress, less tension, more balance, more clarity, better circulation, better recovery, lower bp and the list goes on.

These are significantly powerful, noticeable and scientifically measurable results in your entire system.

All from Breathing!

I’ll be back soon with an all new LoveStrong Breathing Clinic just for you.  (No Crossfit needed).  Because I want everyone to feel the incredible difference between autonomic breathing for every day survival… and conscious intentional breathing for thriving in every moment. 

2nd Stop. Relaxation
I headed to a Restorative yoga class with Phoebe at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica. As expected… it was complete and total relaxation to the sounds of some traditional kirtan and the Beatles LOVE Revolution. Perfect.

3rd Stop. The Crystals
Then I wrapped it all up with a 9pm New Moon Meditation at Unplug Meditation Studio with Heather. I left with crystals, candles and mind blowing clarity that sparked the sweetest, conversations around the meaning of meditation. Which reminded me of the Soul Compass meditation we started with at the beginning of this year.  I’ll be back with more on that too!

So back to: UNGRINCHING WITH LOVE. It starts today! (10/1 – 10/31)
To UnGrinch the holidays a bit… lessen the stress and jazz up the joy… we’re adding classes and contests to connect, encourage and uplift each other as much as possible! All ya gotta do is get your Grinch card stamped each time you come to class and you’ll be entered to win that many times. More if you catch a teacher in your class!  We hope you enjoy this as much as we plan to!

Much Love,
: )

p.s. I didn’t get any pics of me with the kettleballs but trust me… 45 burpees with kettleball runs while holding your breath is not attractive! But here’s a few to prove I was there. (And yes, that’s me laying on the crossfit floor… ew. The things I do for you).