From the blog: Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm

I use to avoid cliches like the plague (see what I did there?) but lately – because there seems to be SO many in the wellness world, I’ve been curious to see where they came from and why they’re still around. I’m finding all kinds of reasons why their ‘actions speak louder than words’. lol. So if you’re interested to know what I’ve found, there’s no time like the present….

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm. This is probably my ALL Time favorite one ever and I just learned about it last year. SO many of us are doing this! Right now! Putting yourself last. Letting everyone else decide. Going out of your way to help. Wearing yourself thin (lol) while taking care of others. It’s exhausting, overwhelming and NOT sustainable. What will you do about this? Read on . . . .

The answer is inside of you.  Uh huh. Great. Super helpful. So is road rage, insecurity, fear and doubt. Those are probably getting in the way of us finding the answers… which is why we meditate.  When we meditate, once we get the hang of it and stop dreaming about pizza… a lot of the noise falls away and then some ideas pop up out of seemingly … nowhere? (For some of you this might happen when you’re driving, showering, vacuuming, running…. external noise falls away and we can hear ourselves think). We might get a glimpse of brilliance, a momentary burst of excitement, a huge epiphany. Something in there leads us to the… answers.

Love is the answer.  Okay, I whole heartedly believe this one right? Duh. But even at a deeper level there is scientific proof that loving thoughts, feelings and actions lead to a release of all the natural feel good chemicals in our bodies and brains. Plus, even the effort of searching for something to feel appreciation for, also releases the same. So even if you’re not feeling super loving right this minute… if you try to think of something you CAN feel that way about… you’ll still get the reward. E for Effort! Find love everywhere.

Do what you Love, Love what you do. See above ; )
This also ties in with the research around flow states. (I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing me talk about flow… #notsorry). Because when you find something you simply love to do… and it mesmerizes you to the point that you lose track of time, forget to eat and it never gets old…. you’re in flow and your brain release even MORE feel good chemicals.  The Flow Genome guys call this the Flow Cocktail. When you get a blast of this flow cocktail… you’re unstoppable! Kind of like how I feel when writing these emails! ; )

Better safe than sorry. I actually could go on all day with these… there’s a ton! But I don’t want to risk losing you completely and I have places to go on this beautiful Sunday. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with more of these another time because so many of them really do find their way into our practices… and some of them are kind of helpful.

Only time will tell
Nerves of steel
Laughter is the best medicine
Every cloud has a silver lining

From the bottom of my heart . . . (I can’t stop….)
Much Love,

; )

p.s.  August is Bring a Friend for FREE… all month long! No obligations, just hanging out with friends who like flow. Thank you so much for being part of LOVE!