Give Love

How to give love to yourself and others?

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Yep, we’re still here with our ‘UnGrinching with Love’ Project.  How’s it going you might wonder?  Well . . . we started with Halloween…trying to replace the scary side with goofy antics. (you saw the lighted hair and tutus?) But Thanksgiving. That’s a different kind of challenge. Family time, food choices, shopping frenzies and holiday buzz. For some of you this might feel like a dream come true.  For introverts, not so much.  So, below you will find many suggestions for ways to Give yourself Love and also to Give to others:

First! Check out our Upcoming Events for the rest of the year!

Second! See our Holiday Gift Guide below!

Third! Check out the list of FREE options you can use right away to start lowering your stress level and be the one that brings all the Good Vibes everywhere you go!

The Picture below of the crazy kid backflipping off the side of a cliff into the lake – that’s my son a few years ago. Thankfully I knew nothing about this until it was over.  But kudos to whoever go that shot!  Nobody has more Good Vibes than this kid!