Guilting, Grappling and Grateful for Baseball analogies

Yes I’ve been feeling guilty and grappling with things and yes, of course, always grateful for baseball analogies.


I feel guilty because I fully understand the extreme privilege of being a white girl in North Albany, fighting to keep a yoga studio open, while people all over the world are fighting to breathe. The irony does not escape me.

I also know from my practice, that where I focus my energy and attention is what matters most. I can spiral down the rabbit hole of CNN or I can set my sights on the ball and swing for the fences. 

So I practice and teach for my self, our team and all of you in the stands cheering us on and supporting each otherIt’s like this is our 7th inning stretch.

Being human however, it feels like we’ve been ‘left on base’, these past few weeks. And as many of you are likely doing… especially my small business owner friends… I’m also staring up at the stars wondering what’s happening and where we go from here. (Well, except for those of you watching tiger king. I can’t. even. )

I’ll tell you where we go from here… Online. (The Big Leagues)

But I’ve been Grappling with the tech world… and I’m super tech savvy. I had my own poetry blog before blogging was cool. Seriously like 12 years ago. But this A/V stuff has driven me bat sh#% crazy (too soon?)

As some of you know we’ve been teaching our usual lineup online, daily at 9:30am via FB Live. We will continue with this but we have also created an online video library with over 12 classes so far, two guided meditations and a Soul Compass workshop coming soon!  This way you can watch the replay and do double headers anytime you like!

(barring any tech trouble, launching it tomorrow)

I am incredibly grateful that going online is even an option for Love Yoga. Among the many other things I am also extremely grateful for: like everyone staying inside, having a backyard, my family, my friends, our teachers, my phone, my sleep, not needing deodorant! And so much more. I remind myself of all these things every single day.

It’s been extra innings of emotions for many of us. It took me almost the full two weeks since we closed to really find my balance. And I realized that I didn’t come THIS far, to only come this far. And If I’m goin’ out, I’m goin’ out swinging. But luckily you’re in no danger.  ; )
Cause, you know… 6 feet………

All this to say…. The guilt has driven me to up my game, the grasping gave me new tech skills and the Gratitude once again highlights all the blessings I might have been taking for granted. (Hugging anyone?)

I may not like the game but this is what I practice for. The base hits, the pop fly’s, the ground balls, the bunts…

The practice prepares you for the game.  I have what it takes to get through this. And so do you. 


Link to our Online Studio coming tomorrow. Thank you for being here… just… Thank YOU. Much Love to you all,


p.s. Tomorrow night’s email will be just links and directions for all our pass options, including your current pass and what we’re doing for you with those.