How Grinchy are You?

Happy Holidays!


1. You rolled your eyes at the Happy Holidays greeting.

2. You already have Christmas lights up.

3. You want a vegetarian thanksgiving dinner.

4. Holiday music soothes your soul.

5. You do not roast chestnuts.


That’s the Quiz… you decide. Grinchy? Not so much?  Well, either way, it’s coming. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve. There’s no shortage of opportunities to spread holiday cheer!

I used to be Grinchier but last year we launched a project called ‘UnGrinching with Love’ and it seemed to really help. I fell behind a bit this year and haven’t launched it but trust me… all the ‘UnGrinching’ from last year had a lasting impact on me.

I’m not roasting chestnuts, but I am getting on the mat, creating more space to relax, connecting with others and getting outside all year long. Come with us! (schedule below)

Here’s the gist of the UnGrinching project: 

Do more things that nourish your soul, things that have a good vibe, things your heart feels good about.

Do less things that rush you, pressure you or have a bad vibe.

More yoga, duh. More healthy, tasty foods. More time outside no matter the weather, more gifts that create an experience.

Less junk, less kitsch, less hurrying, less stress, obviously.

It’s easy to say and it’s not that hard to do… if you make a point to pay attention. Say no to a few things, say yes to some different things. Be intentional with your time, your space and your heart.

Ask yourself along the way…. ‘is there a more loving option for everyone involved, including myself’?   . . . and then wander around aimlessly singing Jingle Bell Rock.

If you could use a little UnGrinching . . . we’re here for you. Every day of the year, except Christmas Day . . . and we might add something there too… because….

Well what happened then,
in WhoVille they say
The Grinch’s heart grew
3 sizes that day!


Upcoming schedule for this week:


Thursday morning 9:30am flow – no evening classes

Friday morning 9:30am flow and then hiking Vineyard Mountain
Option to Carpool from the studio at 10:45am sharp!

Sunday morning 9:30am flow and then hiking Beazell Forest
Option to Carpool from the studio at 10:45am sharp!


Saturday December 8th, 9:00am flow and then Hiking Peavy / McDonald Forest
Option to Carpool from the studio at 10:15am sharp.

Email for any hiking questions or arrangements!


*Dec 24th Morning class only
*Dec 25th No classes
*Dec 31st Morning class only
*January 1st – TBD


Happy Holidays!

: )


p.s. for more Grinchiness….