How yoga taught me to celebrate my life-in Maui

I had never experienced a true vacation for myself and certainly not a hassle free, do what I want, deeply relaxing, recharge my batteries, kind of vacation.

Yoga retreats are designed to do exactly that. So that you can travel solo and not be completely alone. (Someone always knows your coordinates ; )

The first one I ever went to on my own was in Santa Cruz, California.  And while there was a bit of yoga workshopping … the entire 5 days was so incredibly nourishing… I still can easily recall the freedom I felt.

The freedom to wander solo or eat with others. The freedom to sleep when I wanted to, walk as long as I wanted, to practice yoga or to simply sit by the fire. Pure Freedom.

It felt productive, while recharging myself, so I was able to enjoy it… Without ANY Guilt!

I want that for you too.

Because I believe it’s a feeling you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

It took me well into my 40s to realize that I had been working continuously my entire life… with very little opportunity for celebrating that.

Sure I buy myself nice things, (like golden retrievers and quality sushi). I go a few places now and then. But I never used to take any significant amount of time away from my current day-to-day, my family or my business to deeply nourish myself. Sabbatcial style.

I just never felt I had the time or money… and even if I thought I could swing it… it was a stretch that I would feel guilty about. Not to mention the hassle of trying to find just the right deal that didn’t feel like a huge indulgence, but also gave me a truly enjoyable experience.

That balance exists… at Lumeria in Maui.

I have created a yoga retreat that takes all the hassle out of planning a vacation with an absolute guarantee of quality food, time and experience.

Personally, I’m not interested in Vegas or Everest adventures. I’m not spending my hard earned 5 days off in extreme conditions or in service to others. And before you judge that last sentence too quickly… I throughly enjoy giving and doing for others.

But for this… we’re talking about FIVE days here … just for me.  (Well, You in this case).

Human beings need/crave rest and recharge so that we can dive back in with genuine enthusiasm to do the things we do and help others along the way.

And by rest and recharge… keep in mind that it doesn’t fully recharge you if it involves everyone else’s agenda, constant technological pinging and tight schedules.

This is your dream vacation. I personally guarantee it.

Contact us if you’d like to reserve your hammock in Maui at Lumeria. Feb. 25-Mar 1st., 2024.