Jenny Jo, RYT200

When I found LOVE, I was in the midst of all the things: parenting, working full-time, grad-schooling; but not much that was just for me. I knew I wanted to strengthen my yoga practice, I knew this would be the very best thing I could do for myself— allow myself a hour just for myself. I didn’t even know fully yet how it would impact my life.

I immediately felt at home when I walked through the doors— and furthermore, I felt welcomed right where I was at. I had previously done some yoga dvds at home and some classes here and there; but nothing brought me into my practice like this studio. I was noncommittal initially, coming to $5 drop-in classes, feeling I could justify that most. Then one day I was positively challenged to purchase a pass for myself— more like a challenge to commit to my yoga practice. (Thanks for doing that, Suzanne.)

Yoga has ultimately transformed how I live and how I function in my day to day life. I came to recognize how strong I am, how confident I can be when I find a little flow and calm. I learned how to breathe better because of yoga practice.

And when I completed teacher training and began leading classes, I found my voice. (Cue the unclogging of the throat chakra.) It felt natural to pay it forward to others, so to speak, by sharing what has been so important for my life with others. In addition to teaching Restorative on Wednesday nights (one of my long time favorite classes even before I started leading it), I teach daily flow classes to middle schoolers with special needs with the primary focus being self-regulation through calming the nervous system through flow, breathing, and interception.

Yoga is for everyone. LOVE is for everyone.

Class Times:
Restorative Yoga Wednesdays 7:00pm

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