July Holiday and 3 Schedule Updates

Greetings Love Yogis!  

For the 4th of July, we will have our usual morning class celebrating freedom with breathing and moving…. and NO Evening classes.

1. We are continuing our Summer School at Love!Your chance to check out different approaches, ease into new territory and ask any questions that occur along the way. We keep fun, lighthearted, safe and sustainable so you can up your game.

2. Upcoming events


Kids Yoga  Saturday, 7/6  11am, Drop ins $5

Courage to Crow with Erin Yatsui
Saturday 7/13 10:30am. Drop ins $20

Yoga & Knit Night with Erin Yatsui
Saturday, 7/13 4:00pm. Members Free, Drop in $16

Inversions/Arm Balances with Sabrina
Saturday, 7/27 10:30am. Drop ins $20

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3. And here’s a quick look at our weekly schedule you can screen shot and save to your phone or computer. (good idea, right?)  ; )