Let Your Love Flow!



The World needs you . . .

I’ll go out on a limb here (get it?)… and say that the energy you put out into the world…matters. Challenging and heart wrenching events happen all the time. Usually somewhere else… to someone else, right?  When these events happen closer to home, you might feel more afraid or disheartened. But for Tom’s sake, and ours… we’ll keep this world from draggin’ us down cause ‘we won’t back down’  or  ‘Breakdown‘.  We won’t ‘Free Fall out into nothin’.  We’ll keep uplifting each other, creating space for good vibes and sharing the Love.

In The Untethered Soul, (this month’s book club book*). Relaxation is the key to staying open and optimistic in times like these.  Hunkering down and avoiding painful energy closes our minds, our hearts and our capacity for Love.  So do the opposite. Don’t close. Lift your heart (Reverse Warrior), open your arms (Tree Pose), Sing all the Tom Petty songs you love… and breathe slow.  Relaxation is the key.

When YOU practice.  YOU feel better… and that shows. You create a good vibe within and around yourself. Other people notice. It inspires them to feel better and create a good vibe for themselves… and THAT shows. Other people notice. You inspire them, they inspire others… and so on and so on. It’s your positive contribution to the world. The World needs you . . .

So click the video above and Let your Love Flow ; )  (I didn’t use a Tom Petty video above because the only song he had with Love in the title… wasn’t a very uplifting one.  But the links above are to some of the COOLEST videos of Tom.  Enjoy).

*Book Club bookThe Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. (Live Book review, Sunday, October 29th, 7:15pm)

This week in Teacher Training we study the Niyamas:  The 2nd of the 8 limbs explores personal behaviors that strengthen the inner qualities so beneficial to our growth. Including but not limited to purity, contentment, practice, self inquiry and surrender.  Self Inquiry happens all the way through the training so we got that one down!


Any Pregnant Yogi’s out there??  If you or someone you know is pregnant,sign up now for Prenatal Yoga!
October 14th @ 3pm w/ Amy Perkins!  All attendees receive a Love Yoga Onesie!
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10/14  10:30am Meditation Made Simple w/ Suzanne
10/14   3:00pm  Prenatal Yoga w/ Amy Perkins

10/14  6:00pm  Saturday Night Hot Yoga Flow by Candlelight


Mantras That Matter:  
Here’s one that’s useful for inspiring others by first inspiring yourself

It starts with a single breath, inhaling through the nose
head to floor, hips to heels; letting go in child’s pose.