Looking Back…

Looking back at 2011….
with amazement and huge thanks to all of you!

At Love Yoga, we moved the studio, made new friends and watched so many people discover the healing power of yoga.

We have seen Farmers in ‘Cow Pose’, Octogenarians in ‘Happy Baby’, Teenagers in ‘Boat pose’ and Baby Boomer Warriors alongside 5 year old Linus, who thanked me for a ‘pretty good class’.

We enjoyed a few sips of the good life at Namaste Winery after balancing in tree pose…alongside the real ones.   We enjoyed the live performances of Sam Pearce on Piano and Tim Rundall on guitar during our Solstice Yoga classes.
We changed our classes regularly over the first year to find the best possible schedule…and around September, we found one that works…. for now.  Thanks for your patience.     The Lovely Canadian, Laura, had a gut feeling that Monday night would be perfect for Core Yoga.  She was right!   Then we changed locations to introduce Hot Yoga and it’s been a ‘scorching success’!   When we changed locations, not only did all of you come with us…even more people have discovered us and we couldn’t possibly be more grateful.

We’ve seen some of your transformations also.  We’ve seen some of you lose significant amounts of weight, bare your sexy yoga shoulders and take up marathon running.  Some of you got married, got divorced, had babies and changed jobs.  We’ve been honored to have you at the studio and allowing us to be part of your lives; to know your heartbreaks, your joy and your daily challenges in between.  Thank you for being part of Love Yoga.

As we Namaste our way into 2012, watch for new classes coming in February, more ‘Yoga on Location’ events, workshops, retreats, and FREE classes all along the way!  If you don’t have facebook, you can still view our page and see updates at www.facebook.com/loveyogastudio  or you can subscribe to our website at www.goloveyoga.com.  Enter your email there so you don’t miss any of the events!