Masking up for Love

Say Cheeeeese!  It works with Pleeeeease also.  It’s just a way of making you smile so you’ll feel better.  See how easy your mind is to manage??

So when you have your mask on… say cheese. Say please. Say please don’t cut the cheese.  But please DO pleasantly wear your mask at Love.  It’s the law.

Here’s our plan:

1. You need to wear a mask into the studio and anytime you are not on your mat. Once on your mat you may remove it.

2.  As long as we are social distancing, we can still practice together.

3. Teachers will wear masks up until the time class starts.

4. We’ll stay on our mats.

5. If you are exempt from wearing a mask due to a medical condition please message me directly for the protocol. In most cases at this time we will respectfully suggest that you practice with us online for even more self care and protection.

See? No big deal. Not much different than last week. It’s just a little extra protection on your path to bliss!

Think of it like a baseball hat, condoms, seatbelts or sunblock… Just a little extra protection. Perspective right? Speed bumps not road blocks. 💚💪🏼

We love you all for your patience, encouragement and cooperation and collaborations.

Really, Thank YOU.