Maui Retreat February 2024

Yoga Retreats or Yoga Trainings.   What’s the difference?

Yoga Trainings: Immersed in learning and practicing all the aspects of the 8 limbs of yoga at all different levels for several months on alternating weekends.

Yoga Retreats:  Do whatever we want, all day long, for days at a time with mindfulness and intention through the lens of the yoga philosophy. 


1. HOW TO RETREAT. Many of you have told me that you don’t think you are strong enough or do enough yoga to attend a retreat. But…. These are truly RETREATS. Intentionally designed for Rest, Recharge, Relaxation and Reconnection.

Retreats include a morning all level flow, optional experiences throughout the day and evening relaxation practices. So it’s a very nourishing and recharging experience.

The optional experiences range from napping to ziplining and there’s a good mix of both happening, so you won’t be the only one ziplining your adrenaline, wandering the grounds, enjoying the spa or napping by the pool. (I personally prefer the wandering. Short hikes with great views and swimming).

Spend some time on your own or with the group depending on how you feel each day, but we do have all meals together except two lunches off site if you choose.

2. RETREAT FOOD. Every option is available. Protein packed breakfasts with bacon and eggs as well as tons of fresh, tropical fruits and veggies and gluten free options that are DELICIOUS. So food on the island is not a concern. You can bring/buy/pack any specific foods you want for yourself. (I always pack extra chocolate) ; )

3. DEADLINES. Info Session this Sunday. If you’re on the fence about it… let us connect with you or connect you to those who have attended before? Or come to the free brunch/info session this coming Sunday at 10:30am. At the studio or on zoom.  Just to get more info, the schedule, the transportation tips, meet the others, etc. No pressure.

CLICK BELOW IF YOU WANT TO BE KEPT IN THE LOOP FOR THE NEXT 4-6 WEEKS. If not, this is Hui Hou to you! (Until we meet again in the spirit of love, according to

: )

p.s. transportation is on your own but depending on how many people travel at the same times we will attempt to coordinate airport transfers.