Meet Charlie Karma

I was given the most precious gift. An early birthday gift.

And in honor of National Dog’s Day, I’d like to introduce you to him today…

Meet Charlie Karma. (and a few of his sweet siblings!)

He has a puppy breath message for you. 

He’s going to be at the studio next week when we Re-Open on Wednesday, September 1st.

But you can’t just drop in.

You MUST sign up ahead of time because we only have 10 spots per class. (Click above on WALLA to sign in)

WHY?  State mandates. 

Charlie has a more URGENT message though….

Without you…. we can’t re-open.

Listen, Charlie, here…. I hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree here… but Suzanne’s chasing her tail a bit. I think she might be a little wound up. I suggested deep breathing.

But she offered to take all my siblings! I’ve been cooped up with 9 brothers and sisters and I was really hoping for a place of my own. But if she’s not able to teach yoga… she’s going to build little Air BnB units for dogs in her backyard!!! Do you KNOW how many puppies I’ll have to deal with? I heard her say each unit would have its own skylights? (seriously, I’m concerned).

Look here’s the bare bones: We all know that yoga has been proven to lower stress responses like barking, blood pressure, itching, inflammation and jumping anxiety.

We all also know that Suzanne was a slight germaphobe to begin with and that the studio is one of the cleanest places on the planet. (also why she hasn’t had a dog for 7 years).

Remember there is 2000 sq ft of tail waggin’ space, 3 doors – wide open escape routes, new air filters, air conditioning and fans.

And while I’m fairly small, there will be free PUPPY Therapy for the next few months!

There will also be shorter classes, potty breaks, limited spaces, fancy masks and lots of treats. I can’t wait to show off my savasana! I’ve got that doooowwwwnnn.

Plus they’re filming new classes every week for the online library. I hope I get my own Instagram! #charliekarma #LoveCharlie. Don’t steal that… I chewed up my phone and haven’t got a new one yet.

And please for the Love of God, Please take one of my siblings before she does!


Easy boy… okay, Suzanne here. Charlie’s right. We need you if this is going to work this time. I know we’ve been at this for a while. But it’s not sustainable without you. So please click above and sign into Walla. Sign up for classes and let us know you’re coming back. Or that you’re onboard online.

And if you’re really good, and don’t bitch about the masks I’ll bring treats for you too. ; )

As always, let me know if I can help with anything. Tech? Passes? Purchases?

(Click above on WALLA to sign in or message me for a personal phone tutorial)

LOOOOOOOK at these faces! I can’t even….