Redesigning life with Yoga

We’ve all heard the introspective question… ‘If you knew today was your last day… what would you do? How would you spend it?’

But perhaps a more powerful inspirational question might be… ‘What if last night was your LAST night?’ This actually just occurred to me last night… and while I thought about it… I felt a huge amount of regret about a few things. At first.

And then… the deeper, more powerful question for me was… If last night was my last night… and then turned out that it wasn’t… what a breath of fresh air that felt like! I woke up and could do anything I want. Cause I’m still here. So WHAT do I want to do today?

This will sound a little cliche, I know… but…

You can’t just live to work. It is SOOOO easy to get caught up in getting things done, going places, checking off to do lists, running errands. But many of us can’t just drop work to go explore the world Richard Branson style. Especially if you’re in the raising kids phase of life, right?

And I’ve always felt it was SUPER cliche to say… find new hobbies, do more of what you love, take up salsa dancing, learn a new language. BLEH, no thanks.


I DID actually take that advice. I created a business out of something I loved so that I could do it all the time. I went in search of new hobbies that would encourage a more outdoorsy lifestyle… (because I wasn’t naturally very outdoorsy… and bugs bug me). 🤷‍♀️. I started adding quick trips to the beach more often and started LoveStrong hikes a few years ago. (it’s moderate, low elevation, hiking, let’s be real). I got Charlie and now I get outside way more than ever before. Plus I became an exceptional dog photographer. 😂😂. @sircharliekarma


And Love it or hate it, the internet is a gold mine of opportunities that can expand our horizons. We CAN reorganize our lives to do more of what we enjoy. To find and/or create work we enjoy. To learn new skills, find new ideas, take a few risks, start a business, go on a road trip, get a hairless cat or a puppy, find new recipes, meet new friends and expand our lives in the direction that we personally want to go.

Is it time to ReDesign your life? What if last night was your LAST night… would you have wished that you had redesigned your life?


I’m not saying Yoga is the answer (but it is 😉) for what to do with your life. I’m saying yoga gives your mind the space to let those new ideas come in. And the strength and courage to follow those nudges.

Start here. Start with Love. Start with a community who’s sole intention is to support and encourage your practice so you will feel Strong enough to Live a Life you Truly Love and Enjoy. #LOVESTRONG

And if you’re already doing that… consider joining Love Yoga as a ‘trail guide’ to encourage the others that are just begininng.

YOU could be just the inspiration someone is looking for.

Whether you’re a New Yogi or a Trail Guide, come to the Yoga 101 this Saturday and let’s chat about all the opportunities.

Much Love,

: )


ps… I spent last night (what could have been my last) with my cousin… brainstorming about our businesses, moving furniture, eating sushi, painting cabinets, singing along to The Voice, playing with Charlie….

No regrets. I don’t need a sunset on Necker Island to finish out my human experience. I’m all good here. 🥰


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