Santa Brains and the Solar Express!

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We all have our own opinions about the holidays, what they stand for and what we believe. I think they’re stressful, I think they used to stand for compassionate gatherings and I believe the symbols of the holidays get a bad ‘wrap’. (get it?). Remember a time when Fridays weren’t Black? 

Don’t get me wrong. Our UnGrinching efforts are definitely working. I’m actually starting to think that celebrating everything might be a good idea. (Thanks Dad. Thanks Bev ; ). I now sing along every time I hear ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. But I just want this season to be less stressful and more meaningful.  Doesn’t everyone?

So, we’ve got to get our Santa Brains on board The Solar Express* instead of The Polar Express. We can celebrate the season, the light (solar) and still engage our children… instead of bouncing back and forth (polar) from store to store. 

Here’s How: 

We all have 4 major types of Brain Waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. (Does it bother anyone else that they didn’t alphabetize these in the order they happen). 

Anyway it goes like this: 
Beta: active attention, alert, awake and takin care of business.
Alpha: relaxation with awareness, calm, cool and collected. 
Theta: deep relaxation, on the cusp of consciousness.
Delta: sleeping or unconscious, out like a light.

And if you think about the amount of time you spend in each… we are very BETA dominant. That’s unbalanced

What does this have to do with Santa’s Brain? We want to be in an Alpha state of mind more often. Or more imaginatively, a Santa state of mind.  3 reasons: 

First, when you’re in Alpha and Theta frequencies, (like when you’re about to drift off to sleep, or just waking up), you’re more Open Minded. You have less resistance to anything because you’re not actively trying to analyze, fix or act on anything. You’re relaxed. You could actually dream, believe and imagine – in this state.

Secondly, Biofeedback shows that it’s in these two brain states that we produce sudden states of clarity, ideas and images that seemingly appear out of nowhere. This is your mind at play without you in the way. You Feel Smarter and Better about everything

And Finally, third, we know these states last long after you get there. So if you feel relaxed and better about your state of mind, things bother you less. Including traffic, rain, holiday jingles, brainwave alphabetization and your neighborhood’s garishly Griswold-ish decorations.

HOW do we get into those states here at Love? 
Yoga. Breathing. Meditation. Every. Single. Time.
Tonight 5:30pm Gentle and 7pm Yin.

Now Back to actual Santa, the Gnomes and what this means here at the studio?

Why does an entire planet perpetuate the traditional belief in a legendary saintly figure of jolly gift giving? Well the history is varied and traditions modified for political and religious reasons along the way. But I venture to say, it’s our relaxed and open Santa Brains that keep the fairytale alive. (See below for the slightly disturbing account of Saint Nick**).

Me? I’m not so attached to celebrating Santa.. but the Gnomes? Those guys are something I can get on board with. They’re funny. They’re defined as tiny, mystical spirits that sometimes mischeviously guard the treasures of the earth.  Maybe those treasures are the children? Maybe it’s water or gold? Maybe it’s our hearts and the spirit of the season, or Santa, or Christmas or whatever YOU celebrate.

Whatever it is… here at Love… we won’t innundate you with a specific tradition that excludes anyone. So … you guessed it..  The Gnomes are coming!  

Much Love and
Seasons Greetings to you all!
: )

p.s.   Tap into your Santa Brain waves tonight at 5:30pm. Gentle yoga & Yoga Nidra Meditation with me.  Or check out our newest Yin Class with Christina at 7pm. 

Footnotes, video and links to sign up.

* The Solar Express: Winter Solstice Celebration is Sunday, Dec. 22nd. Get your Ticket here!   (The Gnomes are coming! ; ) )

**Here’s one account of the evolution of Santa from National Geographic. It started with Saint Nick. No, really, an actual Bishop, Saint Nick. Who was known for protecting children and encouraging them to practice good behavior.

-Thanksgiving Day 9:30am Flow – no evening classes
-Nov. 29th LoveStrong Hike – stay tuned for snow update!
-December 22nd. The Solar Express Winter Solstice Evening
-Christmas Eve 9:30am Flow – no evening classes
-Christmas Day – No classes
-New Year’s Eve 9:30am Flow – no evening classes
-New Year’s Day 9:30am Flow & a local LoveStrong Hike