Share the Love Feb. Challenge


Valentine gifts aside… if the whole world is focusing on Love this month, we wanted to participate in a way that encourages us all to feel amazing. So mostly, we just want YOU to feel good. Better, actually. Better than you ever have in your entire life.

Yes, I’m being slightly dramatic. But the truth is… I do feel better than I ever have in my entire life. And it’s not because my life is easy*... it’s because I take better care of myself than ever before. And I’m not talking about just eating, exercise and meditation, although those are key.

I’m talking about making time for ourselves, doing enjoyable things on a regular basis that make you feel good about yourself, for yourself, just because. Plus there are great gifts involved. win/win/win. 

BUT . . .
I’m not here to tell you what you SHOULD do. I just have some ideas you might enjoy. Things to help us all remember to do more of those things we enjoy, with the people we enjoy, just because. And when you get right down to it… if you take good care of your self… you’ll be strong enough to be there for others when it matters most.

You’ve heard the saying… ‘don’t set yourself on fire just to keep someone else warm?‘. It’s easy to do when we lose track of ourselves. Here’s a few ways to stay on track, take care of ourselves, Share the Love with others and win super cool gifts. (Did I mention the great gifts? There’s a night at the Inn at Nye Beach in our grand prize gift basket!)

*side note: My life is actually kinda easy. Because I don’t have toddlers at home! The other day I babysat a sick toddler for a friend and by sick I don’t mean super dope and cool…although she is…  I mean tired, feverish and snotty. She sneezed directly on me numerous times and those of you who know me…. know I don’t think that’s funny. ; )  So after a few hours, on my way home I realized… yes my life IS easy, compared to that! My son is 26… he might be more expensive now but not nearly as exhausting ; )

How to play/participate/win?
1. Come to Class = get a stamp!
2. Practices from the post card = get a stamp!
3. Share free class passes for the drawing!

(Be sure to write your name in the white space on the free class cards – see below. When they come back, you’ll be entered for more chances to win!)

Win Truffles! Win Eye Pillows! Win the Gift Basket!


If you can’t make it to yoga often enough for a membership, you can still  treat yourself this month!
Buy an 8 or 16 class pass and get  soothing, custom, hand crafted eye pillow These come in especially handy during restorative, yin, gentle yoga and meditation.  *(Only avilable with the 8 cp or 16 cp)