Soul Compass Workshop & Your Inner Voice

Can you hear your inner voice?

Mine loves profanity. Oh wait that might be my outer voice ‍♀️

Let’s talk about the Soul Compass Workshop next Sunday.

Because I will take you on a Journey to your Soul.

I know that sounds a little dramatic… but going within and listening to your soul… is a powerful experience!

You will learn a lot about yourself.

You’ll be able to hear your inner voice more clearly.

You’ll learn when to listen to it and when to shut it down.

It can be confusing at first.

But with a little guidance, a little stillness and a few strategically placed questions… you can tap into your unique inner wisdom.

You’ll uncover how to light up your own path, follow your heart, go with your gut, trust your self.

I’m going to go out a bit further on this limb and say that THIS is your compass, the personal manual we wish we’d been given at birth.

A trail map to your soul.

(And if you’re a bit skeptical about communicating with your soul… let me assure you… first you’re already doing it… find out how. And second, you’ll see it’s actually quite practical. At the very least you’ll walk away with a heart felt enthusiasm for 2024 and a fabulous lunch. )

Workshop includes the morning class at 9:30am.