Spit happens, Mary Poppins

Someone said to me recently, ‘you’ve had a hell of a year and yet you seem to be doing better than okay’.

I hadn’t really thought that much about it. But now looking back… I guess I’ve done some things in the past 12 months. I bought the Subaru, turned 50, launched LoveStrong Adventures, brought on 5 new teachers, retreated to Maui, came back to face losing my Dad, started off the New Year saying goodbye and then shortly after, said hello to a whole new cool clan from the York side of our family thanks to a little spit kit. And now we’re back in teacher training creating brand new yoga teachers for the fall. The world keeps spinning.

Sounds like a lot when ya put it that way. I’m sure if you went back over your last 12 months many of you would gather similar activities because… life.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here to say that I think there are two kinds of people in the world. Yep just two. That’s it.

There are people who enjoy most of life and people who don’t.

My Son argues this with me often but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my email, so I’m going to boldly and unapologetically state my opinion here.

There is Always a Silver Lining, Rose colored glasses help, my glass is always half full and Mary Poppins is my hero. (Can you imagine that?)

He doesn’t disagree with all of this. He just says it’s not that simple. Not everyone can hum a supercalifragilistic song and make all their troubles go away. I counter with yes…but it’s a start!

He’s a happy kid. I’m a happy Mom. But it wasn’t always this way. I dug my heels in early to figure out how to be calmer, happier & stronger. (Found yoga, practiced, let go of a bunch of s#it, nourished my mind, retrained my brain, love my life, became a super parent! Yada, yada, you’ve already heard it).

He knows how to find a silver lining. Even if he still rolls his eyes at me. Just yesterday… he was stressed about some things, so we went to dinner where he charmed the waitress for a special dessert like a 4 year old. And while we were there… someone keyed his car.

He modified the song a bit… Supercalifu#&alistic!

Looking back… It’s a combination of self awareness, self-care and self love that makes you the kind of person that can find their own silver lining. So yeah, it’s been a year… s#it happens, silver linings appear and I keep practicing.


Here’s a few of mine:

I stopped having hourly hot flashes. Brew Dr. has a new Power Flower Flavor. I’ve seen more of Oregon in the past 6 months with LoveStrong hikers, than I have my entire life. The peonies I planted a year ago are actually blooming this week! (see below). I feel closer to my family than I have in recent years. And strangely, I feel more connected to my Dad. We have the best group of Love Teachers that did everything for me throughout this past winter. Everything. I recently watched the latest Mary Poppins movie and I highly recommend it over GOT for the uplifting vibe and adorable animation. Aaaand….. best of all…

I now know with more conviction than ever that my practices have created a more resilient version of me. One that embraces change, challenge and the unexpected. Ship-Shape, Spit-Spot.


“Everything is possible, even the impossible”, Mary P.


Upcoming Opps to practice with Love!
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  May 19th Beazell/Mary’s Peak Hike 
  June 8th Summer Ayurveda Workshop
  June 9th Blair Lake Hike 
  June 15th Summer School with Love begins
  June 15th Sound Bath with Viola Rose
  Plus, Summer School!


So, when life’s a real pea souper, 
you must choose to be a trouper
For your life comes with a lifetime guaranteeeeeee (MP)