Studio Closing #helpflattenthecurve

Studio Closing until April 1st

For now, it’s two weeks. We hope. It could be longer depending on how the next couple weeks unfold. But closing and knowing for sure that we aren’t exposing anyone to anything, feels right.

If you just recently bought a pass with us… we will honor this and reactivate you once we get back into the studio.
Nobody will lose their classes and no pass will expire.

As a human, I’m not too worried. I know the risks and I like my odds. As a business owner, however, this is scary. My back up plan was to be a rapper. #spittinrhymes ; ) But concerts are out too, so that will have to wait.

1. Use your current pass for online classes – see how below
2. Buy a new online trial pass for $48 for online classes – see how below
3. Join the private Facebook group for Live streaming classes
4. Use our Video library once we get them online (coming soon).

I’m going live tomorrow at 9:30am in the new Love Yoga Members Facebook Group


1.  If you have a current Love Yoga class pass or membership, you can join the group and have access to live classes and recordings. Go to the FB Group here to request access. 

2. If you don’t have a pass, you can get an online pass / membership pass for $48 here on MindBodyOnline.  (Discount applies at checkout).  Once you have your pass, go to the FB Group to request access.
(Our regular monthly passes are $88 and $99/mo, so this is half off for March and April if you don’t have a current pass).

3. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one for free to join this group and delete it when all this is over. (see more on this below).

4. I’m still working on getting a video library up for you for now and future use.

I know some of you don’t want a facebook account and here’s what I want you to realize. I, 100% guarantee that I don’t want to be on a live video – more than you don’t want to be on Facebook. But this is the sacrifice I’m willing to make. You can always delete it later! ; )

This FB group will include all our Love Yogi friends, teachers and teachers in training. So you’ll have access to everyone all at once. I think it will be a fun place to connect us all. You can ask Yats for the truffle recipe. You can ask Evan for personal training tips. You’ll get audio versions of my guided meditation class. And we’ll post short video sequences you can use on your own.

This could be a really cool online space. I’m now wondering why we haven’t done this before……

And To be completely honest… right this minute, tonight, it feels very heavy and very empty to do this. All my studio owner friends around the world are closing too. I feel worse for them because many of them don’t have… YOU. Our LoveStrong peeps.

So many of you have written, messaged, texted and called to offer support and encouragement.

You all asked how you could help…. this is it. Please Join the FB Group and join us for online classes.

I know by tomorrow morning at 9:30am with my sunny disposition and a half hour of rapping beforehand… I’m gonna be out of this funk and back in the groove. I hope you’re there too!

Love you all,
: )