Sugar Shakedown with Love!

We’re quitting sugar for 10 days and we want you to quit with us! And we have 3 free yoga classes for YOU to help offset any frustrations along the way!

THE GOAL: To cut out added sugar from our lives for 10 days. This includes artificial sweeteners, stevia, honey, agave, coconut sugar and any other form of sugar. Feel like this might be impossible? That’s ok! Reduce your sweetener intake as much as possible! You can still get the benefits of the sugar shakedown. 

The main question we’ve gotten so far: ‘Does this include wine?’. Yes. Yes it does. It’s 10 days – not forever. 
Shakedown starts Sunday, June 5th 9am. Join us for the first class in person or participate online for sugar free inspiration!  We’ll be posting our recipes, suggestions and frustrations – and we hope you do too. 

Reset your sweet tooth and get rid of cravings for a healthier, happier summer!