Summer, Retreats and Classes


1. Turkish Spa means everyone gets naked. Together.
2. Some countries charge for public restrooms.
3. Air conditioning is not guaranteed… anywhere.
4. How to sleep… anywhere, anytime, on a dime.
5. ‘Adventure’ means something different to everyone.

I’m working on creating FOUR retreats right now because this is something I feel called to do for the studio, for our community, for me personally.

To create more flow. More opportunities for fun connections, eye opening exploration and unforgettable experiences.

(Which we are also creating here at the studio with our Summer Events Calendar!) Scroll down after clicking.

It’s more complicated than I expected to find just the right venue, at the right time of year, with awesome excursions and fabulous food with options … and that’s available.  That’s why I’m throwing one in the mix that is COMPLETE AND TOTAL RELAXATION.

And just to be clear… I am not the ‘sleep in a hammock, under the stars, wake to the morning screeches of monkeys in the trees’ kind of traveler. I believe our ancestors toiled hard to invent indoor plumbing and I think it’s a little disrespectful not to use it. So all of MY retreats will have at least some level of luxury included. Besides, all you outdoorsy camper types don’t need ME taking you on a trip.

The four options I’m currently gathering info for are:

1. Santa Fe – Exploring the Springs, Shops, Spices and Hikes
2. Maui – Deep Reset, Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation Resort
3. Bordeaux – Charming Chateau with Vineyard and Village Visits
4. Sisters – Finding Flow in the Forest and at Five Pines, staying local, but in the wild

Something spicy, something tropical, something extravagant and something locally delightful.

Vote for your Top Two choices HERE:

Here’s a few pics from our past retreats to France and Hawaii…. PLUS our Summer Events Calendar for right here at LOVE…. So far…

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for all you Summer Lovin’ Yogis.

And Thank you for stickin’ with us during this season… it literally means the Summer to us.

A balanced journey through the south of France. #love #yoga #loveyogastudios #yogatour

Pre tour adventures with @passagepusher @profdanae @vonda710 @wholisticjourney @imomi3. For more tour photos follow us