Summer Special, Workshops, Meditation and more!

We are bringing you butterflies! (that’s code for: Changes!).  New Teachers! New Classes! More options!  More Yoga!  Meditation!  Guest Workshops!
But first we have a few transformational weeks to get through… please be patient with us and check the schedule often!

Here’s what will matter most to you….  Class changes, Training dates, Guest workshops and Summer savings…… details below…

1.  CHANGES:  Mara is traveling and getting married this summer!  We are filling in for some of her classes and postponing others.
(10:30 flow on 6/22 cancelled; 7pm Yin 6/26 cancelled).   Travel safe and take your shirt Mara, we’ll be watching for photos!

2.  TRAINING:  Love Yoga teacher training is in full swing and we’ll be in the studio June 24-27th & again July 8-11th.
Watch for class substitutions during those weeks…. and then new classes shortly after that!   (updated schedules below, online and in studio)

3.  GUESTS are coming to Love Yoga!  Rudy Mettia and Tara Stiles are bringing their inspiration and information to the valley.
And Melissa Murphy will be bringing Meditation in July.   We’ve adjusted the schedule a tiny bit to accommodate for these workshops.

4.  SUMMER SAVINGS!  $65/month unlimited yoga!  Start with our $40 trial period if you haven’t already and then get the $65/month unlimited for 3 months!  That way you get a better rate while we get through these next few weeks…and then you have unlimited freedom to check out all the new classes as they arrive in July/August.   That’s $15 off our normal monthly rate….and the chance to lock it in until the end of September!

Here is an updated PDF version of our June 2013 schedule…. also available on the home page, in the studio and at
Email us if you have questions, concerns, or need more info.

Whew!  We know that’s a lot and the last thing you want to do is keep track of one more thing.  So we’ll do our best to keep the info easily accessible and we’ll post daily on Facebook with the most current changes.  You DO NOT have to have a Facebook in order to view this page and get the latest info!   Just click
and check it out.

T H A N K   Y O U   and   N A M A S T E !