Suzanne Davis, Owner, E-RYT1000

I first experienced yoga in my mid 20s after almost a decade of struggling with anxiety. I credit my parents. Not for the anxiety…¬† ūü§Ē… for finding yoga! (My Dad first recommeded I try meditation and later, my Mom co-founded the studio with me).

But nobody talked about anxiety back then. So I had to do a ton of secret research which led me to yoga, meditation, nutrition, energy work and breathwork. All of that led me to discover the simple thing that changed my life: The Science of Breathing.  

Breathing smarter¬†eliminated the anxiety completely. And 25 years later… I’m still completely anxiety free. (Ask me how to check your breathing, it’s a simple 60 second test).

You see now why I MUST share this practice with anyone and everyone who’s interested.¬† I was destined for a life of fear and anxiety and this practice saved me. It gave me tools and tips that made me strong, resilient and brave.¬†


So in 2010, The day after I completed my 200 hour Yoga Training, I found myself unexpectedly unemployed. Talk about diving into the practice of being okay with uncertainty! It must have worked because 9 days later, we opened Love Yoga. 

We wanted to share how to ease pain and stress and how to find joy through yoga, breathing and meditation. Even in unexpectedly, uncertain and difficult times. 

After opening the studio, I went on to create the LoveStrong Teacher Training and LoveStrong Adventures to inspire others to encourage themselves. To learn the tools and tips that would make them strong, resilient and brave. 

These programs have evolved into an amazing yoga community that does even more to reduce stress, relieve tension, inspire laughter, create connections, share music and make friends. 

We encourage a functional fitness approach to yoga with a nourishing and soulful practice that includes all things wellness, relaxation and connection. 

I infuse my classes with as much humor, science, breathwork and meditation as I can because those are the things I love most. And If that’s not working I’ll simply let you simmer in silence.¬† No problem.¬† I’m not afraid of awkward silences… at all.¬†¬†

I’ll give you plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, deeply relax and encourage you to improve your strength and flexibility naturally.¬†

Thursday 5:30pm Gentle Yoga / Guided Meditation
Saturday 9am Vinyasa Flow


2006  Yoga Fit Training Weekend/Beth Shaw

2010  200 hour Yoga Alliance certification

2012  500 hour Yoga Certification @ Mark Stephens Yoga

2013  Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals w/ Leslie Kaminoff

2013  MBSR Certified (Mind Body Stress Reduction)

2014  Off the Mat, Into the World Certification w/Seane Corn

2014  Strala NYC Training w/Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor

2015  Yoga Teacher Refresher w/Jason Crandell

2017  Functional Joint Movement Certification w/ Jory Serota

2018  Spirit Speak Certification w/ Seane Corn

2019  100 hour Guided Meditation Certification w/ Guided Medit. Framewk.

2020  Transformations, The Science of change w/ Trevor Blake

2020  Inner Engineering Yoga Philosophy w/ Sadhguru

2020  Intuitive Energy Course w/ Marie Manuchehri

2021  Yoga Therapy Foundations, Yoga Therapy Institute

2021  Intuitive Energy Medicine Healing w/ Marie Manuchehri

2021 100 hour Adv. Meditation Cert w/Guided Meditation Framework

2021  Stress & the Relaxation Response w/ Dr. Herbert Benson

2022  Certified NLP & Hypnotherapist for Stress Management, IBCP

2022  Certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor/Oxygen Advantage Methods 

Additional trainings & workshops with Seane Corn, Jason Crandell, Leslie Kaminoff, Jory Serota, David Williams, Paul Terrell of Yoga on Yamhill, Bryan Kest, Rudy Mettia, James Nestor, Patrick Mckeown.