Teddy Bears, Photography, Magic, Maui and Yoga

Believe with all your Heart

I had a teddy bear named Omar when I was young.  (no idea why). I distinctly remember talking to him as if he could understand me. I believed that wishing wells and wishing on a star mattered. I practiced magic tricks, telling jokes and taking pictures. I had a Kodak 110, a disc camera and a Kodak Colorburst Instant camera. I don’t know why I’m not a photographer. My point here is that I did not understand how these things worked and I believed in them whole heartedly . . . a lot of things that seemed like magic at the time.

Yet, I’ve always looked at Yoga through a very practical and scientific lens. Finding and exploring yoga as an adult seemed like a very ‘woo woo’ thing to do. So I’m always looking for the science behind the magic. I’ve spent the last 8 years presenting all the evidence as to why it helps, why it works and why it feels so good. And then Harvard wrote a book to support my efforts. Sweet of them.

(Every one of our teachers has this book – you’re in good hands. Scroll down for the latest schedule and check them out!)

We discussed this in teacher training over the weekend…how yoga has for centuries been a practice for overall health, wellness and peace of mind. Centuries! Without any medical research to back it up.

As yoga evolves and is integrated into the health and wellness industry the research just keeps rollin’ in! Lower blood pressure, boosted immune systems, lowers stress, increases circulation and bone density, better breathing and balance and the big one…LONGEVITY…because we are born proficient procrastinators and welcome an opportunity to procrastinate the inevitable!

BUT WHY does it matter? To me?  It doesn’t. Not anymore. I woke up this morning feeling amazing. Again. Happy, Healthy, Strong and Brave. That’s all the evidence I need. Magic or no magic. Stars, teddy bears, instant cameras…and yoga. I believe in all of them with all my heart.

Suzanne Davis circa 1978

Suzanne Davis circa 1978

Quote from linked article: “It may sound like magic that posing like a proud warrior or a crow could have such extensive effects, but it’s not magic.  It’s neurobiology.  This next statement may sound to you either profound or extremely obvious, but it comes down to this: the things you do and the thoughts you have change the firing patterns and chemical composition of your brain.  Even actions as simple as changing your posture, relaxing the muscles on your face, or slowing your breathing rate, can affect the activity in your brain (beyond, of course, the required activity to make the action).  These changes are often transient, but can be long-lasting, particularly if they entail changing a habit”.

Alex Korb, Psychology Today
Yoga. Changing the Brain’s stressful habits

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Maui Relaxation Trip with Love Yoga Studios

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