THANK YOU! ….for what?

FOR YOU!  We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have so bravely, consistently and joyfully ventured in to the studio and rolled out your mats with us…. And also for those who have helped us make it the community it has become.  Just to name a few:

The JollyMonz Pizza guy who made our Summer Solstice so tasty!
The brave souls who ventured into our teacher training program!  (starts in March)
Rudy Mettia for coming all the way from Santa Monica and leading us to Udaya!
Dutch Bros for the many flavors of  ‘half sweet, organic, iced, green teas!
(many is an understatement)
Mike & Tara from Strala of New York for showing up and changing our perspective!
All of you who Shared the Love on your trips and travels with your Love Yoga TEE!
Cory and All of the crew at NoDinx for their patience and perserverance!
(We have them to thank for every one of our Tee Shots!)
Paul from Yoga on Yamhill for his amazing classes and inspiring insight along the way.
Pioneer School and Crescent Valley High School for allowing us to bring yoga to the kids!
DJ HyFi for the loudest Groove class we’ve EVER had!
The Crazy Ones who participated in the FOAM RUN!
Dana with Open Soul Communications for helping us figure out who we really are…
…..over and over and over again.

With a little luck, we’ll have just as much fun this year!

THANK YOU!four leaf