The Barn TapHouse and Food Carts!

We’re getting excited for The Barn to open next door. It’s a taphouse and food cart space with indoor/outdoor seating, fire pits, heat towers, covered areas and gathering spaces.

For the next few months they will be remodeling and constructing the space. So please cheer them on.

And for a little while there will be a few food carts in the parking spaces outside their building. But by the end of Summer, they will all be lined up to the East of their building.

They are also adding additional parking along the Southeast side of their space so there will be lots of options. I spoke for all of us when I assured them that we are strong, supportive, neighborly yogis who don’t mind walking a few spaces further to get to yoga!

It’s good for the neighborhood. It’s good for Love Yoga.

Who is it? The three founders are:
Jason Crow, Brian and Alex Hovelsrud

As we find out who the food cart vendors are, we’ll let you know.
If you or someone you know wants to
start a Food Cart… Now’s the time!


Other Summer Events coming:

Haley’s Summer Chakra Series

June – August:
Love’s ‘Summer School’ Series of 6 workshops
Breathing, Core, Crow,
Inversions, Relaxation and Meditation