Two annoying myths about yoga… and how Maui helps

I love getting together with you all after class on Saturday Morning. Thanks to The Brim for giving us that space! And for you guys for giving me that awesome subject line!

It’s only partially true… I haven’t been arrested. Yet.

I have been trying to find a specific type of dog treat for months. I finally found it and the place won’t sell it to me because of some ridiculous red tape. I half-jokingly asked what they would do if I just ran out of their office with the treats.

And I know it’s ridiculous red tape because after more determined research, I found a place in another state that WILL sell them to me. And it’s all legit!

Why do I go to such great lengths for these treats…. If you have a dog and want to hear that story, let me know. Otherwise just know that I take his health as seriously as I do mine… and yours.

The takeaway here is that I will go to GREAT LENGTHS for something I know matters.  He matters. YOU matter.

And here at Love Yoga… we will go to GREAT LENGTHS for you.

We will create the space, clean the space, build walls, change curtains, remove walls, install new fans. I continue learning myself so I can… train awesome teachers, hire said teachers, add new classes, workshops, retreats and trainings….

Because it matters.

And I want you to have EVERY opportunity to find YOUR practice.

But there might be some myths and misunderstandings about some of the options… so let me clear a few things up regarding our classes:


Myth #1:

Power Yoga is too intense. It’s all about handstands, acrobatics, crazy twisting and overall too hard.

The Truth:

Done right, the original power yoga is steady and gradually challenging so that we teach ourselves to feel stronger, calmer and empowered in any situation. Resilient.

Yes, it is a stronger class and you should have some experience.

But Power is a mindset as much as a physical challenge to us. And we teach it that way.
**(new heated Power class 6:30am M/W. No acrobatics).

Misunderstanding #2:

Gentle yoga is too slow, boring and mostly for beginners.

The Truth:

Done right, Gentle yoga is intended to slow us down and spark introspection so that we feel stronger at every level, calm enough to listen to our intuition and empowered in any situation.


Yes it is a slower roll and maybe that’s the just the kind of challenge you need. …just sayin’

OUR REAL POWER comes from being able to adapt…NO MATTER WHAT.

(worth repeating).

To Choose how we experience our experiences.

Remember, the yoga class is just the guide…

How you live, is the practice.

We’re not just about downdogs ‘round here.

We love everything about yoga… the modern parts and the ridiculously ancient parts as well.

And we would never NOT sell you something you wanted because of a little red tape!

So if you don’t see something you want on the schedule, let us know, we’ll make it happen.

See you on the mats!

Much Love,


p.s. Oh! And how Maui helps is that we’ll let go of all the myths, any frustrations and everything else for a glorious week in February 2024… on Maui.

See our events page for the details!