We need to talk . . .

Four words you never wanna hear from someone you’re in a rocky relationship with . . . or do you?

Well… we’re not in a rocky relationship, you and I.  In fact, Love Yoga teachers, guests and neighbors all get along swimmingly! ( ? )

However, even with a great relationship, we want to do our very best to keep all the lines of communication going.

So here’s why I brought it up:  (and if you currently follow us on social and get our emails and practice every week, you won’t need to continue reading. Just stop right here and get to class. ; )



  1. Someone emailed me yesterday asking about a vineyard event we did 5 years ago… they someone stumbled upon a very old post.  Which made wonder . . . what happens to all those posts?  Yep, I know.  Everything you ever put on the internet is still out there somewhere. Even if the information is no longer current.  It did make me think we should try the vineyard yoga again. 
  2. Someone who’s been coming to the studio for a very long time didn’t know that we offer kids yoga. We do it once a month and in August we’re having a local author kids book signing as well! (Aug. 18th at Noon)
  3. Numerous people have asked me how our Maui trip was?  We haven’t gone yet. It’s in November. 2018.
    Maui Nov. 1-8th, Relaxation Retreat, 4 spots left.  Sunset yoga and snorkeling anyone? 

So I thought it was worth a note to let you know how and where we communicate best if you’re wanting to know what’s coming up, who’s teaching, where we’re going and how to get the most out of your membership and your practice.


  1. We post most often on Instagram and Instagram stories because it’s so quick and easy to do. 
  2. We share most of the Instagram posts to Facebook
    Instagram and FB don’t always let you see our posts. If you haven’t engaged somehow with the posts (liking, commenting or sharing), they will stop showing you our posts because FB is protecting you from things you’re not interested in.  Thanks FB.
  3. We email a couple of times of week… sometimes every other week. Sometimes it’s about something coming up but more recently I’m writing more to let you know how yoga has helped us, our guests and how it can help in many situations.
  4. Occasionally we post a Blog Post on our website.  I simply forget that’s there most of the time. The emails I’ve been sending could be blog posts and if the topic is ‘bloggable’, I’ll try to remember to post it there too.



Suddenly this song popped into my head, thought I’d share it because I LOVE Led Zeppelin.

So if you’re reading this from our website because you follow our blog…. Thank you.
But I highly suggest you also sign up for our emails or follow us on Instagram for the latest and most current info.


: )