Weird health secrets

That’s right…

I don’t wear sunscreen, I won’t eat farmed fish, and I don’t give out New Year’s advice.

You don’t need me giving you my two cents because my two cents are weird by standard comparisons.

At one time, Yoga was a weird health tip that only hippies and swamis recommended.

But Yoga has led me to fascinating modern day innovators in the health world and I am obsessed with the latest research. (Energy work, MCT oils, Breathwork, Red light therapy, hypnotherapy, ,

I often joke that I am not a doctor even though I play one in real life. Just ask my family. ‍♀️

I do think I have figured out my own life pretty well…  It’s only taken me 55 years. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found this practice and then found my way into teaching.

It definitely made me stronger, braver and calmer.

For those of you that are new here… I struggled with severe anxiety in my 20s, discovered yoga, got super healthy and eliminated anxiety completely by 30. I opened Love Yoga in my 40s.

I’ve taught thousands of people, trained hundreds of teachers and hosted retreats in France and Hawaii.

So you can see why I’m passionate about introducing yoga to everyone. It literally saved/changed/improved my life.

Our teachers all have similar stories. Yoga gave them something powerful. Helped them, healed them, connected them. And they are also passionate about sharing it.

Because we know it helps everything.

So we invite you to introduce someone to this life changing practice at our Open House this weekend.

Its our gift to you… to Share the gift of Love when you share this email. Invite a friend. Bring a family member.

Create an experience you can either look back on and laugh… or with appreciation.

Either way… we’ll be here encouraging everyone to keep moving and breathe deeper. Because that’s the best advice we could ever give.

That’s my two cents.

Much Love,