What is Yin Yoga and Who should try it?

Christina and I have been working on a secret project for a little while now.  A new class.
Yin Yoga.
You may not have even heard of Yin Yoga before. 
Maybe because it’s not for everybody. 
Maybe because it’s a slower class. 
Maybe because it’s longer held poses… 
(picture a 5 minute pigeon, or a 4 minute twist)
Maybe you’ve heard it’s like Restorative Yoga…. it’s not.
This is why it’s not for everybody
(Scroll below to see if it’s for you?)
YIN classes require a solid understanding and practice around things like ligaments, connective tissues and nervous system signals.  Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues in your body, like the ligaments, tendons and the layers of fascia that encase your muscles, with the intention of creating a less reactive response from your nervous system.
All while maintaining a stable structure and support for the joints. 
We’re not trying to ‘stretch’ these tissues. We want to shift them enough to create more pliability.
We want to shift them enough, but not too much, so we maintain the stability in our joints.
It’s a fine balance. It’s a process. It’s learning. 
Because in Restorative yoga, we are COMPLETELY SUPPORTED. The intention here is pure relaxation, letting go, surrendering, softening and nourishing every space in body and mind. 
With YIN,  
We are engaging muscular support in some postures and structural support in others but we’re not letting go completely. We are aware and strong enough to engage in one place while releasing in another. Letting go completely could result in going too far. 
Should you? Can you? PRACTICE YIN?
This practice is most helpful to those of you who lift, run, wrestle, hit, kick, punch or hike. Or if you participate often in strength building/tension causing activities. Or those who have a strong awareness of their bodie’s own capacity and limitations. Those without injuries or those that want the mental challenge of a slow, still practice. 
You may or may not have heard of Paul Grilley, Bernie Clark, Paul Terrell, Sarah Powers, Paulie Zink or many other Yin Yoga Teachers. These are our teachers, our mentors. They have paved the way and they broaden the scope of the yoga practice.  (You can google them for more in-depth descriptions. Cause you know I’m trying to shorten my emails to you!)
Yin with Christina Starts this
Thursday 7pm – 8pm.