What the Flood? Do What you Love

What the flood is going on? I know… it’s a lot of rain right now. Hang in there.

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If you’re reading this I’ll assume you’re familiar with the PNW and probably know someone that struggles with the winter gloom.

I know the cure. (Humor me?)

Do more things you Love.

Wait… Hear me out!

I know… it’s toooooo cliche.

But have you ever really made the effort to actually DO more things that make you feel good? Things you enjoy? Or even things that just feel satisfying?

We live in a world of ‘Big talk and little action’ especially with an entire internet full of ‘shoulds and platitudes’.

So I think it’s a fair question.

Do you actually do it??

Do you find the things that you enjoy, regardless of where you live or the weather… and do more of THOSE things?

Even if there aren’t very many… make yourself a list and you might be surprised at how many you find.

Ahem…. I’ll go first…..

Yoga /Hot yoga


Walking in the rain


Indoor climbing

Mall walking ‍♀️lol.

Paint the inside of the house

Claen out the garage… just me?

Perhaps Traveling


Quick road trips

High tide photographs


Winter s’mores (solo stove fans anyone?)

Live music – preferrably disco-ish

Rollerskating… wait, no, scratch that 

Or listen to any music

Jump rope  – new hobby

Catch up on sleep!

But try yoga first…

Seriously… here’s why?


Yoga helps you get into a state of flow which quiets your inner critic (the voice that constantly tells you, you could do better) and increases creativity…making everything more interesting.

So after yoga is a great time to make your winter activities list! 

You’ll be more curious, more creative, more wildly optimistic and have more fun.

Start with the Winter Solstice or The Soul Compass Workshop.

It’s your chance to gather, get out of the rain and focus on welcoming brighter days.

Now that’s something to look forward to!

I shared my list… send me something from yours? Please? If you send me something back, it tells me you read the email, thought about it, thought of something you love and will be more likely to do it. THAT is something I LOVE.