What’s involved in our yoga training?

The Love Yoga program thoroughly prepares you to share yoga in a safe, knowledgeable and efficient manner as a Certified Love Yoga Teacher and clearance to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 if you choose.  This course is also available to those looking simply to engage in the yoga community, deepen their practice or prepare for future trainings.  Our intention is to help you find a deep and lasting source of genuine fulfillment through this experience and your continued practice.

Why it’s good:  Love Yoga Training involves all the traditional parts of training such as the history and philosophy to help you understand the foundations of the yoga lifestyle. (Foundations that are based on a myriad of resources such as asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras, mantras, bandhas, kriyas, koshas and karma.  Just to name a few).  It also includes our 8 limbs workshop and the alignment and anatomy education to guide you through safe and appropriate levels of asana.  You will practice sustainable sequencing for various levels and lengths of classes (i.e. gentle, basics, power, restorative, kids, etc.).

In addition to the traditional, we also incorporate some unique aspects that keep our program effortlessly engaging as well as educational, such as our Portland Yoga Tour, Interactive Visual aids, Guest Workshops, Meditation Challenge, Nutritional guidance and experiences, The MBSR (Mind Body Stress Reduction) intro, Local Karma Projects and more!

Previous participants have found Courage, Confidence, Compassion, Clarity and Calm. Some have gone on to teach, some have chosen to study…ALL share their strength, their experience and their love of yoga to inspire others to practice.

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