What’s Love Got to do with it?

Love has everything to do with it . . .

Because without the Love…. it’s just exercise. It’s just sequences. It’s just not as meaningful. We loooooove yoga so much that we put our hearts and souls into every practice!  But we don’t usually talk much about what goes into that….the foundation behind our flows, the process behind the practice, the studies behind our soulful savasanas. But there is SO much love behind everything we do here. Yes Tina, Love has everything to do with it!

(Interesting side note:  Tina credits her dancing career, healthy lifestyle and moderation for her success… and now also lends her voice to multiple Mantra and Chanting CDs. Google her later, she’s amazing!)

So starting next week…(shooting for Sundays), we will send a brief weekly recap, preview or update on what’s happening at Love Yoga. And, we’ll share some of what we’re doing behind the scenes as well as the following:

  • Link to our website for the current schedule (also below) and workshop/event details.
  • Link to a Love Song strictly for your entertainment. (see above)
  • Mantras for Meditation (see below)
  • A brief summary of that week’s topic in our teacher training program, so you can follow along a bit if you’re interested.  These topics will also be integrated into that week’s classes, so you’ll be learning along with them! We cover things like the 8 limbs of yoga philosophy, The Chakras, Asana alignment (the poses), The Sutras… and more.
  • Did you know section?  For things we might forget to tell every new guest. For instance… DID YOU KNOW that you get a free tee shirt when you sign up for a 6 month membership pass…that saves you money and time?  And that you can see all the Love T-Shirt pics here!
  • ALSO DID YOU KNOW: We post on FB & IG almost every single day, sometimes more!  We announce our giveaways and special events there first!   Find and Follow us for more fun stuff!


Don’t Miss Next Week:

9/29 Flow, Vin & Yin, Yoga & Wine tasting. 7-8:30pm. $12/$18 at the door

9/30 Free Breaking the Stress Habit talk w/ Brodie Welch at 11am

9/30 Yoga For Anxiety w/ Suzanne $15  1-2:30pm

10/1 Teacher Training starts-both Vinyasa Flow & Gentle Yoga

10/14 Saturday Night Hot Yoga Flow by Candlelight

(See Website for details or email love@loveyogastudios.com)


Mantras That Matter

A Mantra can be a soothing and creative way of talking to yourself.  Translated various ways, the most common include  a sacred message, a message for the mind or protection for the mind. Here’s one that’s useful for going to sleep.

I breathe a little slower just until…
I close m
y eyes and become very still

  Click for a Printable PDF