Which Side are YOU on?


And either way…. What’s your holiday strategy?

We have a few that might help. Check our Holiday Calendar below.

My strategy is to shop as little as possible except for myself and Charlie.

Eat as little as sugar as possible except for Mom’s Wreath Cookies. And Walk as often as humanly possible!

But Meditation is my absolute secret weapon for any and all kinds of hustle and bustle.

Did you know that Meditation has been or is being studied in almost every corner of the world?

Why? Because the medical and science industries love evidence and research… and the research they are uncovering is phenomenal!

The powerful impact of meditation is subtle and difficult to explain… but the MAGIC speaks for itself. Once you try it.

Elite Athletes, Neurosurgeons, and most Performers… practice some type of mindfulness in order to disengage their mind and let their body take over.

Nobody wants a Neurosurgeon getting distracted by his doubts mid surgery. We want those hands to flow with precision and ease.

Here are a few simple techniques to try it yourself and see….

1. Just stare at something and breathe. Seriously that’s it. For 60 seconds. Now you might not feel the magic right away… but do you feel your hair growing? No, you don’t. But little by little… every moment of every day… it’s growing and changing and before you know it… your bangs are out of control! That’s what meditation is like. Even a tiny bit every day will eventually change how you see yourself… and everything else. And every 60 seconds you add… adds more power!

(Meditators with decades of experience. consider themselves successful if they can keep their mind from wandering for 4 breaths… that’s almost 60 seconds).
You can do this too.

2. Close your eyes, but stay upright so you don’t drift off. Now this is more of a challenge because your mind is going to want you to do 1000 things immediately. Get a drink, use the bathroom, change the laundry, pull the car over… kidding… don’t try this in the car. But do see if you can challenge yourself to sit still with your eyes closed for 60 seconds at a time. The added benefit of staying upright and slightly alert is that your neurons will wander and that’s when brilliant ideas drop in.

3. Listen to a Guided Meditation. This is the easiest way to get started… and I might add the most enjoyable. Because it’s like having someone tell you a story. And as your mind wanders… it relaxes. And as it relaxes, it lets go of worries, fears and doubts and creates space for ideas, dreams and adventures. And who doesn’t want more of those??

So … If you don’t have a strategy, it’s possible that you’ll get caught up in the usual holiday traps.

But with a little meditation and a lot of LOVE Yoga… you can keep that peaceful, easy feeling all the way to Valentine’s Day! ; )

Come visit us and start creating the peace of mind you deserve.