Qi Gong: Simple and Smart

If you’re looking for a way to experience new things, connect with others and create a calm and healthy state of mind & body, Qi Gong is a gateway to this type of experience.  It’s definitely not new (approximately a 4,000+ year old practice), but it might be new for you, which can create a sense of hesitancy for some people.

So we want it to be simple:  You won’t need any special gear, clothing or experience. This is a 30-40 minute practice where you remain standing, but you don’t have to remain still.  You will be moving gently, breathing and paying attention (Don’t panic if you have a short attention span, or as we like to call it, ACA: arbitrary creative awareness), we change positions enough that you won’t feel trapped!  And when you’re done… you will have created more flow in your body and brain which does actually make you smarter!  For questions or concerns, please contact us.  Or register now to try something new:

This Saturday, March 19th 12-1pm.
Intro to Qi Gong w/plenty of time for questions as well.
For the Early Bird discount – Register here http://bit.ly/1A3H3jx