Wishes, gifts and a little bit of magic

What do you see when you close your eyes?

Do you see color? Actual images? Darkness? Stars? Did you know that not everyone can see color or images? However, with a little practice, relaxation and imagination through Guided Meditation, images and insight start to take shape. What arises from this kind of contemplation, is NOT an insight or instruction from me or anyone else.

What arises is a feeling, a sense, an image, a message from the deepest parts of your heart and soul.  That’s your own inner wisdom. 

You don’t need more people telling you how to eat or what to do with your life. Sure, maybe some people can help along the way. Maybe they can share nutritional/business/nature/parenting related techniques that worked for them.

But when you get an insight from deep inside, an idea that lights you up, nobody needs to tell you that it’s right. For you. You just gotta go inside and listen. 

How will you know? You’ll feel it. You’ll get that undeniable feeling that something just blew your mind, melted your heart, lit up your brain or set your soul on fire. Dramatic? Sure. But it’s your life we’re talking about here. 

Try it tonight. Thursdays at 5:30pm, Your first one’s free!

One of my first mind blowing epiphanies birthed a little project we call LoveStrong Adventures. The name and idea came to me simultaneously in a guided meditation. It all fell into place from there.

This practice has captivated me. I almost always come out of these sessions with something incredibly useful. I’m not saying I get a cure, or a million dollar idea or a perfect life from this. I get something better… Clarity. 

If you’ve had experiences you’re willing to share in these Thursday night sessions, please let me know.  I’m genuinely curious and fascinated and it helps me in creating future sessions.

Tonight’s session is designed to
release 2019 and embrace 2020. 


A very successful business leader suggested I close my eyes and imagine for a moment that I have a magic wand and can instantly and easily have whatever I’d like. Just one thing at a time, but I can do this every week. You try it. Take a breath, close your eyes, relax and imagine… you have a magic wand.  What’s your wish?

The idea behind the wish of course is focus. Which brings me back to our vision. Your Reticular Activation System searches for the things you focus on. Your wishes. And when you’re brain is on the lookout it often finds what it’s looking for. Sooo…. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Your mind will find it.

Talk to me… really. Tell me what you wished for.
Tell me about your experience with the Guided Meditation class so far.
Email me: love@loveyogstudios.com

Much Love, 

: )

p.s. 6 spots left for the Solstice Express. Get your seat here!

p.p.s. Teacher Training 2020 is full so we’ve opened up two spots and a wait list. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. We have started a little bit of prep work  but won’t begin the live training til January.