Yoga at the intersection of Poetry and Physiology

“Breathe then, as if breathing for the first time, 
as if remembering with what difficulty you came into the world, what strength it took to make that first impossible in-breath, into a cry to be heard by the world”. … Author, David Whyte

I’ve been to many trainings for alignment, anatomy, sequencing, joint mobility, spirituality, breathing, business management, meditation, writing, philosophy, and more. This weekend, it was poetry. The Courage in Poetry and Promises with David Whyte. But everything I do is ultimately about yoga. Even Poetry. (side note: I wrote my first poem in the 5th grade… it was about Halloween). More on that another time.

So, I spent the weekend listening to David talk about courage and connection as he reminded us of that beautiful first impossible in-breath that is a cry to be heard by the world’. It’s the very first thing you ever do, how could it not be the most important. #breathingmatters

Poetry and Physiology are intricately connected in that words affect everything about us from the way we talk to ourselves to the way we hear others speak. Powerful phrases ignite a chemical/emotional reaction within ourselves and others. (when you hear things like, ‘You’re overreacting, or I Love You’.) Feel the difference? We use words that matter in yoga also. (when you hear things like, ‘You got this, or Be kind to yourself, or Thank you for being here).  #wordsmatter

(Which by the way, I’m thinking of replacing ‘Namaste’ with ‘I love you’ at the end of classes… don’t make it awkward ; )

A Poet draws words out of the stillness and into the heart. A Yogi draws stillness out of the heart and into the mind. One word at a time. One exhale at a time.
#WordsMatter. #BreathingMatters.

It matters HOW we breathe and WHAT we say to ourselves and others. Because together, words and breathing can change us.

Start with these three concepts:

1. Mostly Breathe through your nose (google nasal breathing, or The Oxygen Advantage)
2. Breathe deeply and Exhale fully…. when it occurs to you. (The relaxation response)
3. Write and Speak mostly to create optimism, your words have power. (Optimism is soothing for your nervous system)

  “We are all a sun-lit moment come from a long darkness, what moves us always comes from what is hidden, what seems to be said so suddenly has lived in the body for a long, long time.”

So we move and breathe to release what’s hidden. 

As moving as it was… I’m also now a bit of a Groupie. David spoke to me twice and signed my book. First, when he signed it, he said I must be a friend of Leonard Cohen. (He has a song called Suzanne). The second time, it was to tell me I was heading through the wrong door… into breakfast with the homeless instead of his talk. So it’s official. I’m a fan. 

Here’s what we’re doing this week at Love: 

This Wednesday, 12/18, Power Yoga Flow and Trivia for Tee Shirts! 6pm. 
This Saturday, 12/21, LoveStrong hike to Fitton Green.
Leaving Love at 10:15. As always, we’ll caravan, carpool or meet you there!
This Sunday 12/22, Solar Express Solstice Celebration. 10 seats left on this trip. We’ll have a gentle flow, a guided meditation, a new year intention, truffles, treats and drinks. It’s a celebration of the coming season, longer days and brighter light.
RSVP here to get your ticket!

See you on the mats!

I really do Love everything about this place and all of you. 

Thank you for being here with all of us.