Karrin Mayer, RYT200

I have always had a deep belief that my purpose, my higher calling in life, lies within facilitating positive growth in others.  As an educator, what an inspiration it was to guide young minds. As a counselor, what an honor it was to guide those in recovery.

This is when yoga entered my life. I discovered how closely the principals of yoga aligned with the principles of recovery.  So, I began to utilize yoga as a part of group therapy.  This is also when I began my own personal practice of yoga.

When this light bulb turned on, all I could think was, “Yoga, where have you been all my life?!”

What a revelation it was for me to realize that everything in life is impermanent except for me. This means that I am not fragile. This means that I have the ability to stay positively curious. This means that I can take what I’ve learned from my practice into my life and benefit from both.

I started feeling like I have a new super power, yoga! How could I not want to share even a fraction of what yoga has given me with you? Yes, that’s right, my purpose, my higher calling, has led me straight to you. So join me on this beautiful yoga journey.

P.S. You’ll get toned and tight too.

Class Times:
Let Go & Flow: Wednesdays 5:30pm

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