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What’s Love Got to do with it?

Love has everything to do with it . . .

Because without the Love…. it’s just exercise. It’s just sequences. It’s just not as meaningful. We loooooove yoga so much that we put our hearts and souls into every practice!  But we don’t usually talk much about what goes into that….the foundation behind our flows, the process behind the practice, the studies behind our soulful savasanas. But there is SO much love behind everything we do here. Yes Tina, Love has everything to do with it!

(Interesting side note:  Tina credits her dancing career, healthy lifestyle and moderation for her success… and now also lends her voice to multiple Mantra and Chanting CDs. Google her later, she’s amazing!)

So starting next week…(shooting for Sundays), we will send a brief weekly recap, preview or update on what’s happening at Love Yoga. And, we’ll share some of what we’re doing behind the scenes as well as the following:

  • Link to our website for the current schedule (also below) and workshop/event details.
  • Link to a Love Song strictly for your entertainment. (see above)
  • Mantras for Meditation (see below)
  • A brief summary of that week’s topic in our teacher training program, so you can follow along a bit if you’re interested.  These topics will also be integrated into that week’s classes, so you’ll be learning along with them! We cover things like the 8 limbs of yoga philosophy, The Chakras, Asana alignment (the poses), The Sutras… and more.
  • Did you know section?  For things we might forget to tell every new guest. For instance… DID YOU KNOW that you get a free tee shirt when you sign up for a 6 month membership pass…that saves you money and time?  And that you can see all the Love T-Shirt pics here!
  • ALSO DID YOU KNOW: We post on FB & IG almost every single day, sometimes more!  We announce our giveaways and special events there first!   Find and Follow us for more fun stuff!


Don’t Miss Next Week:

9/29 Flow, Vin & Yin, Yoga & Wine tasting. 7-8:30pm. $12/$18 at the door

9/30 Free Breaking the Stress Habit talk w/ Brodie Welch at 11am

9/30 Yoga For Anxiety w/ Suzanne $15  1-2:30pm

10/1 Teacher Training starts-both Vinyasa Flow & Gentle Yoga

10/14 Saturday Night Hot Yoga Flow by Candlelight

(See Website for details or email


Mantras That Matter

A Mantra can be a soothing and creative way of talking to yourself.  Translated various ways, the most common include  a sacred message, a message for the mind or protection for the mind. Here’s one that’s useful for going to sleep.

I breathe a little slower just until…
I close m
y eyes and become very still

  Click for a Printable PDF 























7 Days of Giveaways!

A Special Thank You for 7 years! It’s been 7 years, 364 weeks, 2555 days and all of you have shown up on the mats over 53,000 times! That’s 53,000 Namastes! 

We wouldn’t be here without you and we hope that we never let you underestimate how grateful we are for every single one of you. 

As a token of our appreciation for you we have 7 days of giveaways!  

Today we gave away chocolate (although I think we received more than we gave!). Over the next 6 days… at 7:45pm each night, we’ll choose a random yogi from that day’s classes. 

We’re giving away tee shirts, sweatshirts, 30 day yoga passes, Yoga Books, Workshops and private yoga sessions!  

Come to Class or register here!  

Thank you to everyone that shared thisspecial 7 year anniversary with us today!

9/30 Friday night flow and wine tasting

9/30 Breaking the stress habit

9/30 Yoga for Anxiety

10/1 Teacher Training online module

10/20 Oregon coast relaxation retreat 

Teacher Training Update

Teacher training starts this weekend with our 8 Limbs workshop.  Open to everyone as an intro to yoga and an intro to yoga teacher training.  Learn the basic concepts that bring more clarity, confidence, calm and courage into your life.  Then, if you’d like to share those concepts with others… stay with us for the remainder of the training. If you prefer…. take those concepts and practice them in your own practice for a deeper understanding of who you are. 

Falling In Love….

Seems like that should just be the title of all of our posts.  Falling in Love… especially this time of year.  Falls always seems a little like January 1 with a lot of new beginnings and refreshers.  The start of a new school year, getting back into routines, new events and workshops and new classes on the schedule.  Check out our upcoming events and workshops: 8 limbs, Stress Habits and the Relaxation Retreat at the Oregon Coast!

Plus! Restorative yoga on Sunday night is back!  Brenda Sherman and Ali Moriniti will be alternating Sunday nights to bring you a soothing end to the weekend and a smart start to the week!

Our Back to School Specials include:

FREE T-shirt with a new 6 month membership!
FREE Class Pass with every new membership you refer!
FREE workshop: Break the Stress Habit 9/30
8 Limbs of Love Yoga Teacher Training starts 9/16!

And our Brand New Tee Shirts for Fall are here and they are all about ‘THE PRACTICE’!
So… Fall back in Love with your Practice and join us on the mats!



Yoga, Writing & Relaxation


You Matter! Fall is coming and the Coast is calling! Spend your time at The Inn at Otter Crest however you like with sessions throughout the weekend for yoga, writing, meditation, relaxation, shinrin-yoku (Japanese forest bathing: aka walking in the forest), fresh air and freedom. It’s the perfect space and the perfect blend of solitude and connection. Share a room or reserve your own for this weekend retreat.

This weekend is intended to give you the space to connect to yourself and engage or uncover the creativity or relaxation that you crave.  It sounds cliché but it is really, really, really hard to make time for ourselves.  Not just for a nap or a movie or a walk.  For what we most want to do for ourselves… yet never seem to find the time.  Explore some options without any responsibility.  Create the space for whatever it is you want to do… and then take that feeling home with you when you go.  Because this matters.  You matter.


The Inn at Otter Crest is tucked away on the Oregon Coast between Newport and Lincoln City.  It has direct access to the beach as well as forested trails to Devil’s Punchbowl, Mo’s Chowder house and Beverly Beach.

Friday afternoon/evening:  Welcome Reception, Intro session and Yoga Nidra @ 8pm
Saturday Morning:  Fresh Juice, Yoga/meditation, Breakfast, Creativity Session, Free time.
Saturday Evening:   Dinner, evening activity, Yoga Nidra @ 8pm
Sunday Morning:  Fresh Juice, Yoga/Meditation, Breakfast, Creativity Session, Free time.

Price includes reception, 2 nights lodging, meals, creativity workshop, yoga and support. * One meal may be on your own depending on the activity you choose.

Register by Sept. 15th for Early Bird Prices: $640/pp Private room;  $470/pp Shared room
After Sept. 15th:  $690/pp private room; $520/pp shared room

Email with any questions:

Summer Fun & Yoga Tee Flash Sale!

August 1st 4pm.  Evening Kayaking w/dinner by Gathering Together Farm!
$99 includes shuttle to and from cars, gear, guide and grub!
Sign up here by Friday July 28th:

August 3rd 9:30am.  Morning Secret Garden Yoga
$14 drop in or use your current class pass
Shady spots available. Enjoy free iced teas afterward!
Option to stay for a $10 brunch
Christie’s Garden is a half mile from the studio on North Albany Road.
Sign up here for class:
and you will receive an email to opt in or out for brunch

August 26th. 2 day Yoga and Mountain Biking skills Workshop
$160 covers this unique event that will integrate yoga & mountain biking skills together.
We will do yoga, practice MTB skills and ride trails together!
Click the link for the schedule and to register:

September 16/17th  2 day 8 limbs of Yoga Workshop $120
10:30am – 2:30pm w/breaks
Learn the 8 limbs of yoga. Explore the Chakras and the Magic of Sanskrit Mantras!
Sign up here:


Flash Sale!
Through the End of July! That gives you a week to get in and find a tee or hoodie to Love!

Wanna know what Love is?

Cue Foreigner here and just try not to sing along.  It’s impossible to keep up with all the moments at Love Yoga that make it so uplifting.  They happen too often and too fast for me to even write about them, much less post about them in a meaningful way.  I have over 6000 photos on my phone… (yes, it’s a problem).  60% of which are yoga related.  I don’t have photos of everything that happens at Love… but I have the memories of most of it.  New teachers testing their courage.  Our guests becoming friends and sharing their milestones.  Teachers reaching out to each other for moral support.  Someone’s first crow pose.  Someone’s first time sitting cross legged.  Someone’s first time rolling up off the floor without momentum… just pure core strength.  Someone stopping an anxiety attack in its tracks.  Someone sleeping 9 hours straight after a restorative class.  Someone ‘getting’ meditation… finally!  Someone feeling like a better parent because they felt more patient after class.  People have shared these and so many more moments with us about how this practice has helped.  I think to myself every single time…sharing these moments might help more people to relax, sleep better, have patience, heal, strengthen, connect and love. Naturally.  So I will try.  I will try to share more often.  I’ll start with three recent photos that remind me over and over again… how surrounding yourself with an uplifting environment and uplifting people… absolutely lifts your spirits, inspires your life and instills a sense of love and connection.

First up… the teachers of Love.  Without whom Love would not exist.  Probably enough said.  But another amazing thing to know about these teachers is that they continue to explore, study and learn simply for the sake of providing a better experience.  They continually seek out workshops, courses, online studies and additional trainings.  They stay connected in our online training groups supporting each other and sharing their combined knowledge with each other.  This makes a huge difference in the qualities of a teacher.  Thank you Kelly, Erin, Erin, Renae, Sabrina, Amy, Ali, Aunnie and all those who came before you and those joining us this month!

Next… our guests, our customers, our yogis, our dedicated community, our friends, our family, our coworkers, our neighbors.  However they found us… this group shows up.  Smiling, sweet and sassy with a song in their hearts…. seriously… song in their hearts.  Last Saturday the morning class spontaneously broke out into a hearty rendition of ‘Some kind of wonderful’ during their favorite core flow.  It was a class I will never forget. And I say that often to myself.  That was the best class.  And I mean it every single time.  They/You make this place feel amazing.  Many of our classes have graciously posed for photos over the years…. but this one… this is ‘The Choir’.



Lastly… the courage we see in people never fails to astound.  Baby Boomers have cautiously strolled into the studio having never set foot on a yoga mat.  Mothers of 3 in med school find a few moments on the mat for themselves. 30 something dads give it a go even though sometimes they’re the only dude in class. And those who venture into teacher training take the plunge and commit to putting their heart and soul on the mat in front a group of unfamiliar faces.  Courage. Bravery. Moxie. Character. Enthusiasm. A sense of adventure and a willingness to light the path.  They are the luminaries.   These luminaries will be rotating through our new Sunday morning class… simply in order to practice.  We hope you’ll join them!














Yes this is what Love is.  Uplifting each other. Inspiring each other.  To go out into the world and be brave, courageous and uplifting for others as much as possible.

New classes, passes, teachers and floors!

Scroll down for our latest schedule with 3 new weekly classes and more coming soon!

Highlights include:
Thursday 6:30 am Strong flow;
Friday 4pm Qi Gong;
Sunday morning 9:30am Basics class and
An upcoming Friday 11am Gentle flow (starts in June)

Our new membership passes will give you access to all our classes plus the added benefits of 10% off massage and guest passes for your friends, family and out of town guests.

SHARE THE LOVE! With our Summer Special! If you purchase any one of our 3 monthly membership passes for yourself, you can give one away to someone who’s new to Love Yoga!    If you are currently on one of our memberships, please enjoy the new bonuses of 10% off massage and free guest passes.

Softer, cozier floors will arrive in a few weeks… so be sure to drop by and check those out!  Strong enough for a balance pose and soft enough for elbows!  With softer floors comes softer practices offering more ways to connect, more relaxing, healing classes that bring sound vibration, meditation and deep relaxation.  Something for everyone:  Strong, Savvy & Soulful!

Lots to look forward to this summer!

July 8th Yoga for Anxiety
July 15th Intro to Yoga for beginners
August 1st Kayaking with Cascadia Expeditions
August 10-13th 8 Limbs Intro Prep for Teacher Training
August 21st Solar Eclipse – no morning class
August 26th Mountain Biking intro & Yoga Class


How Instagram and Coffee brought Kentucky to Love Yoga

Are you anti social?  I mean, anti social media?  Think it’s a time waster? An isolator?  A hilarious web of never ending beach and cat photos?  It’s easy to think that.  Sometimes.  Today, however, I’d like to share a story about how Instagram connected Oregon, Kentucky and Yoga in an amazing collaboration.

I stumbled across an Instagram post in July 2015.  It was something about yoga, Oregon and “How Dreams become Reality”.  Of course this drew me in and I discovered she was a coffee loving, mom/wife, yoga teacher who worked in law enforcement. Further intrigued, I started following this coffee-lovin’ soul and discovered that she and her family were on a journey to move to Oregon… from Kentucky! We reached out and invited her to swing by Love Yoga if they happen to find themselves in this area.  They did… and she did!  Not only did they find themselves in this area… they moved right here to the Willamette Valley!  (I like to think we had a little something to do with that… and she lets me think that). ; )  She practiced with  us at Love and subbed a few Power classes for us and right away everyone fell in love with Sabrina.  And it’s so easy to see why… Sabrina infuses love into every one of her classes.  At first people in her classes were talking about her adorable accent… the conversations quickly focused on the surprisingly enjoyable core work in the Gentle class… then they talked about her relaxing assists in Savasana.  Sabrina definitely brings her Southern charm to everything she does… but it’s her Sweet Oregon Soul that keeps ’em coming back.

Her journey to Oregon wasn’t all roses and rainbows.  Leaving family, friends and coworkers to venture out west in search of coffee, yoga, mountains and oceans took a lot of courage, faith and adventure on her part…and her family.  They are all three a true inspiration to living the life you dream.  She is an amazing example of How Dreams become Reality.  We are honored, inspired and just downright happy to have her here!  Thanks Sabrina… and Thanks Instagram!

So I really appreciate all the amazing connections we’ve made through Love Yoga being social…

Please feel free to share any amazing connections you’ve experienced and watch for more stories to come!